1. HO Scale MILW

    Ho Scale CP Layout Build, A Continuous Thread

    Hi all, this is a continuous thread that I hope to keep going for the next year and a half, pertaining my building of a Wisconsin based layout, going from Milwaukee to Hartland. Currently I am in the planning phase, crunching numbers, making sketches. Over the next year and a half, I'll post...
  2. A

    Hello i am getting started in ho scale

    HI I am relatively new to the hobby and don't have a huge amount of money to spend. Aka: no new high detail ho scale steamers for a while. But what I have spent thus far has been mostly good and worth the money. Mainly due to a local model train store that sells older model trains at good prices...
  3. RichardS-VA

    New member, Ashland VA area

    Hello, my name is Richard and I'm a train addict. First step is admitting it, right? My wife is supportive to a point with the amount of train stuff being collected and even sat in a corner at one of the train shows while I shopped around, although she is not interested in the hobby herself...
  4. A

    Hello from Queensland, Australia!!

    Hi There!! My name is Cory and I have finally joined after some nagging from my partner in crime (Mitch AKA SunsetLimited) I am an avid train lover, and collect & model N Scale based around the mid to late 1950's midwest America. My railroads include AT&SF, N&W, UP, CB&Q & SP I currently am...
  5. Breor47

    Salutations from Maine

    Hello all. I'm a modeler of N and HO scales with just a couple years of experience. Being that I'm quite young, especially as model railroaders go, I suspect that I'll be learning rather than teaching on these forums. The reason I joined is that I may have an opportunity to start anew with my...
  6. T

    Hello from Tindomerel

    I just want to introduce myself. I live in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. I am a retired lady who has plenty of time on her hands and likes creative projects. I don't work at model railroads but I do need to do some scenery work for future projects such as a dinosaur diorama and a...
  7. S

    Hi from Flagstaff, AZ

    Just joined the forum. I have N scale equip (5 locos with decoders and 5 cars). And can use up to 3' on two walls of a bedroom and the closet. Want to come up with a track plan using Kato Unitrack. Want to learn about Operations and How to build up a modern pool of cars like the ones that...
  8. R

    Hello from RDG-LV-CNJ in Chicagoland

    Just joined this group. Hi folks! I have lots of HO/DC, some O-scale/DCC and a few O-gauge/3-rl locomotives and rolling stock from many of the Eastern lines. I used to be a member of ARHS and RT&HS. I so want to visit Hamburg, PA x-Reading RR shops but plans to purchase a new house in 2011 delay...