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  1. Mark Nutter

    What's the best substrate for a new layout?

    I'm starting a new layout after being away from the hobby for years. There is soooo much new information and new/better materials that I'm a bit overwhelmed. I always built my display directly on the plywood, but I love the idea of using foam as a substrate. I don't like tacking track to...
  2. SunsetLimited

    Foam Fumes

    Hi everyone, I started cutting some Extruded Foam Insulation boards yesterday with a hot wire cutter. It's the first time I've ever used this foam material, or this tool. The smell was horrendous. It got me wondering. How bad are the fumes produced from cutting Extruded Foam Board with a...
  3. B

    Trouble with Bonding Foam to Plywood

    I'm bonding foam to plywood using Liquid Nails for Projects. I'm using a blob of Liquid Nails about an inch in diameter every 8 inches or so and using moderate weight on top of the foam for 2-3 days. The problem is that after about a week or so the foam de-bonds from the Liquid Nails. Tips and...
  4. tnolan55

    cork vs foam

    in terms of roadbed, which is better to use? Cork roadbed or woodland scenics foam roadbed?
  5. Beachbum

    Lauan, foam, lauan sandwich?

    Over the years, I've built benchwork from plywood and Homasote, extruded foam alone, extruded foam glued to hollow core doors, etc. I want to build some light weight layout sections and I'm thinking of laying out a grid of 1X2s, attaching a layer of thin lauan (luan?) on top of that, then...
  6. D

    Plywood on Foam with no Cork ?

    I have nearly completed my "practice layout" , a simple 6x1 "test layout" to see if I had the patience and enjoyment for the hobby. I'm addicted ! Finally at my old age (45) I have both time and money ... a rare window of opportunity that may slip from me any day ... :) But mostly I've...
  7. Lebovitz Central RR project

    Lebovitz Central RR project

    This is a project layou that I am building for a client. It is a 6'x12' table with the Lionel Fastrack system. These are pictures from the second day of reconstruction. The first thing I did was lay out all the track I had recieved the previous night. I finished the foam base of the...
  8. Gluing down the cork

    Gluing down the cork

    I decided to go with straight white Elmers glue to glue my cork to the foam. So far I haven't found any reason to be upset with that decision.
  9. The world is pink and foamy

    The world is pink and foamy

    This photo shows the basic construction of my layout/module. It's a 1/4 box topped with 3/8" plywood and two layers of 1" foam. The top layer was carved down in this corner to provide the depression for the industry to go there. It's pretty much what the prototype looks like as well...

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