1. zzr1200guy

    The Decoder Install Thead

    So, I'm starting this thread to as a place to share my decoder installs and get advice on ways to improve on the work that I do.
  2. T

    Loksound for Kato 126-4014 BigBoy

    I was curious if anyone might know if the N scale Kato 126-4014 bigboy would use the Kato V5 direct for Kato? I ordered the engine today and wanted to collect the parts to do DCC sound for it. I usually use the 58741 but so far can’t locate specific info for that engine. Thanks!!
  3. S

    Which Speaker to Upgrade an HO Scale Rapido F40PH "Cabbage" from DC to DCC with Sound?

    Hi everyone, I have two beautiful HO Scale Rapido F40 NPCUs that are currently only wired for DC operation. I'd love to add DCC sound and lighting functionality, and saw that Rapido suggests the ESU #59529 - LokPilot 5 DCC with 21MTC decoder in their manual for the locomotive, but here's my...
  4. B

    Walthers ML-8 ESU DCC Lights

    I'm new to DCC and just purchased a Digitrax DCS52 and Walthers ML-8 with the ESU decoder. The engine works great the F1 key turns the cab lights on and off but how do I turn on the headlights? Initially I thought they were broken because they didn't turn on. Then I tried running the engine in...
  5. W

    Scale Trains HO 54615 Non sound decoder trouble

    Just seeing if anyone out here has had some experience installing/programming the recommended esu decoder in a HO scale trains SD40-2? The tech guy at Scale Trains told me the recommended decoder was the esu 54615. I have been able to program an address and consist address and I can get the...
  6. W

    Keep alive install for ESU LokSound select

    Just throwing it out there to ask if anyone has attempted to install any type of Keep-Alive accessory to a ESU LokSound select decoder particularly the ones found in the HO Intermountain SD40-2's? I do know that ESU makes a "power pack" that is basically a keep-alive accessory but don't know...
  7. WT 350 switching at Westport

    WT 350 switching at Westport

    This engine was bought from the SOO, ready for scrap. But Westport Terminal RR needed engines! Some fine day this engine will get new paint. This RS-1 started its life at Atlas. It got an ESU sound decoder. Westport Terminal RR