Walthers ML-8 ESU DCC Lights


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I'm new to DCC and just purchased a Digitrax DCS52 and Walthers ML-8 with the ESU decoder.

The engine works great the F1 key turns the cab lights on and off but how do I turn on the headlights? Initially I thought they were broken because they didn't turn on. Then I tried running the engine in DC mode since the ESU can do that. To my surprise the cab light didn't come on but the directional headlights worked as expected.

From my understanding the decoder is a Lok Pilot Standard in a different form factor. The CV 7 value is 255. CV8 is 151.

Any guidance would be appreciated. (resolved)
F0 DCC and DC Reverse
F1 DCC only
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Which is what I thought should happen. It appears there are 3 lights in there to me. I'll add some photos.
Don’t worry about it, I’m still looking for the “any” key!
But glad you got it figured out, we'll wait for a video! 😀
Not the greatest video but at least it's something. It's unlisted at the moment because I want to post something better after NMRBO is done.

I just started the YouTube channel.