1. A

    Do you need Supplies? Backdrops? We have it ALL

    Hello and thank you for viewing our thread! Here at Affordable Model Railroads we strive to make your railroad dream come true! We do everything from custom builds to even providing you with your own personal backdrop, and best of all we even travel to install your custom railroad for you! We...
  2. D

    Benchwork for an Ho helix or "Doughnut Delema"

    Happy new year! Can someone tell me the best way to design benchwork to support an HO helix, which is basically a doughnut table! I would like to be able to shimmy up inside the doughnut hole for repair work. I am using L girder benchwork. The helix is for two levels about 18 inched...
  3. L

    Getting started N scale

    So! Me and my dad are planing on using my old room to build an n scale layout. We have a friend in the local club that we we probably be going to frequently for questions and what not. The space we plan to use is up against the wall of the room in a big L shape the dimensions of what we have to...
  4. Beachbum

    Lauan, foam, lauan sandwich?

    Over the years, I've built benchwork from plywood and Homasote, extruded foam alone, extruded foam glued to hollow core doors, etc. I want to build some light weight layout sections and I'm thinking of laying out a grid of 1X2s, attaching a layer of thin lauan (luan?) on top of that, then...
  5. J

    My Freeland HO Scale Layout

    Hey you all...some of you may know me as Jabbajawz4life on Youtube I do some HO scale how to videos and some tip videos. The link to my youtube page is and I think that my layout personally has a lot of potential. My layout is pretty much based in...
  6. RR Roadbed is 1/2 sound board over 3/4 plywood.

    RR Roadbed is 1/2 sound board over 3/4 plywood.

  7. More Benchwork and roadbed progress

    More Benchwork and roadbed progress

  8. Installing Sub-Roadbed

    Installing Sub-Roadbed

    Installing the Sub-RoadBed FMI:
  9. Building Benchwork

    Building Benchwork

    Building the benchwork FMI:
  10. Upper Level Benchwork, V2

    Upper Level Benchwork, V2

    This is a construction shot of the upper level of the layout. You can see wnere the lower level hidden staging yard was, which has been completely removed. Actually all of this section of my old layout has fallen to progress. The ONLY thing remaining today is the back track along the wall...
  11. Upper level Layout benchwork

    Upper level Layout benchwork

    This section of the layout is scheduled to be demolished (disassembled) within the next week or so, the lower level is already out of there. This section was completely disassembled in Aug or Sep 2007 to make way for my new Colorado & Santa Fe.