1. R

    Returning to model railroads after 40+ year hiatus

    I used to be in HO and the old Lionel (3-rail not sure what gauge) trains when I was in high school. I have gotten involved with Virtual Railfan and really got my love of trains back. I am looking at getting into N scale for the size and limitations I have on where to set it up. The Amtrak N...
  2. Cheap&NothingWasted

    Getting into some HO fun

    Hey, all, Glad to be here! I'm a life-long railfan from central Iowa, and while I don't have a layout of my own, I've always loved model railroads, plan on building my own after I graduate from college, and run/work on my club's HO scale layout for now. Big fan of the Chicago and North...
  3. Pacodutaco

    Designing an HO layout for my nephew...Please Critique.

    My nephew just turned 10 years old and is getting interested in model railroading. His father (my brother) and I have been modeling for 25+ years on and off so we think this is a good thing to spend time with him on. Space is limited to a 4x6 area and it has to be portable since they are...
  4. H


    Hi, My son and I are new to this site, and he is also 'new' to Model Railroading. He's received a number of sets over the years, and we finally have the space to occasionally lay down the track. and run some trains. I used to model in N scale (20 years ago), but we are now doing HO. Since we...
  5. K

    New member -- Startup selection for HO

    Hello all, Joined this forum to know about model railroading and the setup. I am from India and love to setup model railroads. I have selected some basic items to setup my first railroad. If friends on this forum can help me with my selection that will be great. . 1. PECO Starter track set...
  6. M

    HO or N?

    I am a beginner model railroader(?), and I was wanting to know: Should I go with N or HO scale? I have a (give or take) 7 x 4 space right now, I am not employed (haven't graduated yet), but size is not a problem. I would like to know the pros and cons of each. Thanks for all help in advance...
  7. B

    Beginner Guide?

    So I'm getting ready to start doing my first layout, and thought I might follow the beginner guide at NMRA, here: Has anyone else here used it? Any comments on it? Or do you know of any other beginner resources like this?
  8. G

    Basic DCC Question

    We got started when my older son got a Bachmann EZ-track set for Christmas (officially graduating him from Thomas wood sets). My wife's grandpa then ran into a guy who was selling everything in his basement for a hundred bucks (retiring to a sailboat headed south), and grandpa convinced me to...
  9. Argo Terminal

    Argo Terminal

    A 4x8 layout ideal for beginners, with prototype switching operation in mind, but also having a continuous connection for railfanning style running.