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    In Celebration of the CSX.

    Hey all! I haven't been here in awhile and I'll try and get some more shots up real soon. William Good shots.
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    Second Line?

    1. CSX 2. NS 3. Yes, eventually. Right now I have a 5' by 6' card table layout with a single track main. I am going to add 3 more table going down so it will be 20' by 6'. Then I will run NS on one track, CSX on the other, and have a interchange yard in the middle with some spurs on some...
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    My projects from the last week

    Well, It's been an interesting week for me. Lots of repairs, getting a job at the local train shop, and lots of new cars. First, My new cars ATLAS TRAINMAN C&O style caboose NS 555518 ATLAS 60' Auto Parts Box single door NW 600042(NS paint) Athearn 54' PS Hopper NS 252036(I think that is...
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    Athearn HO GP40X

    Thanks for the input guys, Mine has run great so far. No problems to this point. Mr. SP, who makes the handrails that you are switching to?
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    Locomotives Query

    Max, If you are looking for any ideas of cars or locos to buy, even anything in the hobby of Model Railroading, go to and sign up for their catalogs. The catalogs show the sales and such. BTW, what is the minimum radius for your curves on your layout. If you want to...
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    Athearn HO GP40X

    Well, I finally got my first NS loco so I can start working on getting the NS side of the layout started. It's NS GP40X 7001. I will say this to anyone who is looking at getting one for their layout. This is by far, the best Athearn RTR loco I have gotten by any means. Great details, Good...
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    Post Your Intermodal Collection!

    Alrighty, I took some pics with my camera of the intermodal equipment(defientely not the best shots) but I will try to get it posted soon.
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    Post Your Intermodal Collection!

    bnsfmodeler, any of the Athearn well cars are great, especially the 5 packs. They are what makes up the majority of my intermodal collection. They have metal trucks, and are some of the smoothest runners. The details are just amazing.
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    Con-Cor Intermodal Cars

    I can't speak for the flats, but the wells are fairly good. The only problem I have with the well is that the wheelset squeaks on the curve. I think it might need a little lubrication. I know walthers two packs of those flats are somewhere around 48 dollars, and the second run is going to be...
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    Curve Radius Help

    18" would be ok, but it would not look realistic. 22" is the best choice. If you are going to be running long cars (73",86",89",65" possibly) you would want 24".
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    My first new engine in a year, a Broadway Limited Imports AC6000CW

    Yeah, it runs great, and the only real problem is the drive, its not the best, b/c it is a little noisy, but it isn't bad, only drives I like better are Atlas, Athearn Genesis, and Kato. Details are great on this thing.
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    My first new engine in a year, a Broadway Limited Imports AC6000CW

    Well, after saving a lot of money, I finally got the BLI AC6000CW. It is for my CSX Manifests and Intermodals, and plus, since I live near the RF&P which requires cab control, and since I had no engines other than a GP38-2 that had cab control, I bought this. It is CSX 629 in the stealth...
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    But when I try to make a model RR, I do it to have fun!!!
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    Welcome to the forums! Ask as many questions as you need, but I can't help much, as I'm horrible at making model RR's.
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    In Celebration of the CSX.

    Here's another unit A SD40-2 in YN1 works the yard job at Collier, about two-three weeks after this picture was taken, no trespassing signs and barricades have been put up here. Thanks for those comments Grande Man. Currently the 4617 is in Erie PA I believe. When I find it, I'll post my...

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