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    How do you paint handrails

    Myself personally I use an airbrush to prime then paint the desired color.
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    MONTHLY-Photo-Fun!-Sept '16

    Your pasture looks great, love how you tied your foliage together.
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    WPF 05/27/16 to 06/03/16

    I'll use prototype photos sometimes. It's a challenge to try to recreate a specific car. Plus it may keep me from over doing it. I find that if I don't have a subject I'll get carried away and do too much. Weathering is a layered process. All the steps need to be in concert with one another.
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    MONTHLY Photo Fun! - August 2016

    Here's one I just finished. This boxcar started life as an Intermountain undecorated 5277 cu. ft. offering. Both the main colors were mixed to try to achieve as close a match as I could. Model Masters enamels were used. The upper "older" paint was weathered with acrylics, oils and pastels...
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    Athearn SD 40 Current Keeper install

    I don't have a pic right now, would have to remove shell. Basically I just unscrewed factory speaker and placed the cube enclosure into the factory space. It fit snug so no glue was needed. It's taller but no clearance issues are present. I got them from Tony's Trains and yes they do sound a...
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    Athearn SD 40 Current Keeper install

    I have 2 SD40 MRL units that I would like to install these on. This is good to know, I inquired about this months ago to soundtraxx. They said it was possible, but couldn't give me specifics. So I take it everything works fine? Where did you place your current keeper? I replaced my factory...
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    MONTHLY Photo fun! June 2016

    Here's one I just finished with. Atlas undecorated. Painted and weathered with acrylic oils and pastels.
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    WPF 05/27/16 to 06/03/16

    Herpa, Lonestar, and Boley MOW.
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    WPF 05/27/16 to 06/03/16

    I'd like to share my latest weathering effort. Intermountain MRL patch. Done up with acrylics, oils and pastels.

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