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    My Layout Idea

    Yes, you would have to duckunder about 3 feet of space, but to my knowledge, you sound not much older than I(12), and I'm guessing you can duck under that 3 foot space. If you can't, I have also devised an area that you would only need to duck under for a foot, or even less...
  2. SpitFireV12RR

    Finished Up Layout

    Hey guys, I finished up my layout plan. It's in HO, and takes place during Fall, in West Virginia, during the transition period. I have devised a plan to look real, yet provide some fun operations, on the maximum space I have(4 x 8). It serves 3 industries, with a backdrop in the middle. The...
  3. Finished Layout Plan

    Finished Layout Plan

    Finished Up Layout Plan
  4. SpitFireV12RR

    My Layout Idea

    What about something along the lines of this: It uses the same parameters, just it gives you the ability to make broader curves, have a better view of everything, and have a minimum of a 3' walk space, where you would have enough extra space for a control panel or something... There those...
  5. SpitFireV12RR

    My Layout Idea

    Our acess hatch in the layout in the garage was sort of ghetto(I trust you know what that means, living in Miami LOL). We cut out a little section of the plywood(just big enough for myself and dad to squeeze through) and then we hinged it, using 2 door hinges on the bottom. To keep the other...
  6. SpitFireV12RR

    My Layout Idea

    If you ever need help with your prototype, I live in Orlando, so I'd be more than willing to tell/take pics of the vegetation and the FEC(Florida East Coast, which you're modeling a part of). I'm modeling West Virgina though, because it has the "fall effect"(Trees changing color). Thanks, Spit
  7. SpitFireV12RR

    First Fall From Helix - Can I protect my fleet?

    I have the perfect way. Get some Nylon netting from here. Choose your color and size complexity. I would personally go with the S-800 or S-900 on the bottom of the page. I would then cut a hole in the base of your helix, and staple 1 side of your netting to the base. For you other 3 sides...
  8. SpitFireV12RR

    Layout Progress BEnchwork Almost complete

    Very nice, it looks like you took your time and did a great job. Before you cut out your foam and such with foam base scenery, I would like to recommend the subterrain plaster scenery way. I know it appears that you've made your descision, but 32 square feet of plaster cloth is MUCH cheaper than...
  9. SpitFireV12RR

    Todd J.'s Florida Central Build Thread

    Hey guys, I made some more progress this week. I finished up the other leg on monday & tuesday and put them on tonight. There are a surplus of pictures, but who cares! Here are overall pictures. Here is an underview of the legs and framework. Here are pictures of...
  10. SpitFireV12RR

    Warning ** Scamer Among Us**

    Yep, Ten million five hundred Thansand! I also think that these retards not only need to laern splelell, but laern good egnilsh and gramure!
  11. SpitFireV12RR

    Magic Kingdom

    Hey guys, I went to visit Magic Kingdom today. My dad is a cast member and there was a rumour that they had a soft opening for Pirates of the Carribean, which was previously repaired and changed, so that it could incorperate some of the newer, Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. As a matter of fact...
  12. SpitFireV12RR

    Trackplan w/ Question

    Oh...ya, that's great. I think that the part where kyle's bigwheel went off the clift, broke, and then the blow up was great. Now there's this Dog Bites Man. It's pretty stupid!
  13. SpitFireV12RR

    Trackplan w/ Question

    No no...right now the Family Guy one is on...well here anyways. The AARP one is my favorite too! You know, I've never met another model-railroader into Southpark! I think I'm the "Unsteriotypical" Modelrailroader!
  14. SpitFireV12RR

    Trackplan w/ Question

    Thanks...I've actually decided to go back to my old one. However it may be unprototypical, I think that I will have the most fun with it, and there will be much more interesting scenery with that one. I'm currently making a finishing copy and adding the atlas buildings I want. It's color-coded...
  15. SpitFireV12RR

    Trackplan w/ Question

    Would the reverse loop work there?

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