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  1. Scott135

    business interior sheets

    Thank you for the information. Scott
  2. Scott135

    business interior sheets

    Illyad2, thank you for the question. I am also interested in learning more about this. Detailing the interiors of buildings sure adds realism to a scene, in my opinion.
  3. Scott135

    Car Card Sorting Areas?

    Dave, I have not seen that method used. Seems like a simple and inexpensive way to accomplish what I am trying to do. Thank you! Scott
  4. Scott135

    Car Card Sorting Areas?

    What do you use for a sorting area for car cards? I have seen permanent shelves attached to layout fascias. I also seem to recall an article by David Popp (although I can't find it now) for building a small "fold-a-ble" shelf that can stored away flat against the fascia when not in use. As...
  5. Scott135

    The M-K & Eastern RR

    Beautiful trees! Scott
  6. Scott135

    Show Your Work Area

    Thanks for the information Rico. Looks neat and orderly. Scott
  7. Scott135

    Show Your Work Area

    Rico, I can find myself looking at the BN map a lot! It is so cool to see the entire country with the associated rail lines. Of course some of those lines have been abandoned. I like your work area and the multiple small drawer cabinets. What do you store in the tall set of drawers to the...
  8. Scott135

    Show Your Work Area

    Thanks Max. I agree, too clean! I just finished weathering a wooden passenger platform and had cleaned things up. The workbench is now ready for the next project. Scott
  9. Scott135

    Running Bear's January 2019 Coffee Shop

    Happy New Year to everyone! I am not much of a "poster" but wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the discussions and ideas exchanged on this forum. A great resource! Scott
  10. Scott135

    Show Your Work Area

    My work area... a clean bench, in between projects.
  11. Scott135

    File or Sectional in Helix?

    I have only built one helix. It was a 4-turn HO Scale, 24" radius helix. I used flex track and soldered the joints before installing the track onto the roadbed. There was no super elevation built into the helix. Having said that, if it is only a specific car that is causing problems, I...
  12. Scott135

    The M-K & Eastern RR

    Nice layout room and backdrop. The benchwork looks very good too!
  13. Scott135

    Amtrak Phase III Dining Car

    Looks great, especially since it is N Scale.
  14. Scott135

    Going through a total loss of interest!

    Great point! For me it is a combination of a couple of things, laziness, yes, but also an overwhelming sense of things to do when I finally get time to head down to the train room. As a solution, I have stated to make lists of small projects that I can complete in a few "sessions" in the train...
  15. Scott135

    CMX Track Cleaning Car

    The unit I just looked at online did not appear to be self-propelled, as you mentioned. Scott Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk

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