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    Old Track

    If you use code100 and flex track maybe you could make it uneven. Just a shim under one side then the other would do it. I wouldn't want to run a lococ over that area(at least not my crappy ones) the other thought would be to put waves in line. Make sure they aren't too tight together. I...
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    Coupler questions (upgrading)

    Thanks Roto for input. I am leaning towards Kadee but wondered what others thought about the various other brands. I do intend to purchase the height gauge also.
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    Coupler questions (upgrading)

    Sorry forgot to include some info. Ho is scale plan on running 4 axle locos and smaller cars since min radius is 18". I will later have mainline running 24" min and run longer cars and poss 6 axle locos. Modern era no steam locos. I do have elevation changes on curves. Thanks.
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    Coupler questions (upgrading)

    Planning on upgrading most if not all rolling stock this fall to Kadee(or equiv). I plan on using all the same brand. My question is should I convert them all to body mount from truck mount? I have about 20% body mount and about the same with metal wheel. I do plan on converting all to metal...
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    I Need Any Experienced Opinions - Even Guesses

    Very odd indeed. I do have a bachmann that acts strange when it gets hot. It picks up quite a bit of speed. Haven't checked it but my guess is the brushes are worn or the bearings finally tighten up and it starts working like it should. It sounds like you have eliminated power problems to me...
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    Rockdale HO Layout

    You are correct, I'm going to install a temp loop at that end connecting to the turn out on frt left.
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    Rockdale HO Layout

    Rockdale Layout: Let me first introduce myself. I'm a model railroader from way back and have been out of it for quite awhile. I'm a good carpenter, better mechanic, with a long computer hardware and software background. What I cannot buy, I make or modify. I have a varied and vast array of...
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    1/87th Vehicles

    Picked up the asphalt roller and crane (both matchbox) from wally world last night. I had picked up a couple of rollers from IHC for a buck awhile back and the Matchbox quality is alot better. Also picked up the dump truck, looks a little small but perfect for towards the back.
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    2nd Anual How Many Contest????

    402- four hundred two that is
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    Cattle ranching -- HO scale

    Those are some awesome pics and great scenes, hard to tell where the backdrop is from the pics.

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