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    Drop a locomotive lately?

    The only time I had such "accidents" was when I needed to go into hospital for three months and because it was the VA hospital and my income was disability. When in hospital you loss the disability and that was my lot rent. So, 5 of my brothers went and moved me out. My "toys" were on display in...
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    Trains and Locomotives on RFD TV

    That's not a channel I watch but will check in for this. Thanks for the heads up.
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    4 feet and 8 and a half inches

    An old JOKE but still a bit funny. At least the usual connotations weren't involved. ;)
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    The Forums seem quiet?

    For me "it's all about the money". With most of it going in the wrong direction it's hard to maintain interest. So the trains, like the RC planes just sit on the shelf.
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    What were Burro Cranes used for?

    In the '60s-'70s there was two that unloaded logs at the Scott paper plant in Oconto Falls, WI. I loved watching that thing unloading cars and stacking in long, long piles beside the tracks. Then reload on to cars to unload then into the mill pond. I think they worked almost 24/7. Some times the...
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    I hate ups!

    Even UPS uses USPS to deliver some packages. Go figure.
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    Just a bit of fun

    Bruette, isn't it just like a Yankee trying to understand a Southerner? :rolleyes:
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    Another off-topic Showoff

    Super craftsmanship. Thanks you for sharing.
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    Kadee couplers - intro.

    I went back and reread the instructions. A bit slower this time. :rolleyes: "Note: If using Athearn trucks, provided, also use spacer washers C-13 to put the car at correct height. If you use Kadee trucks do not use the washers." It seems C-13 refers to sprue "C" and item "13". I must be...
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    Kadee couplers - intro.

    A very timely question for me as I'm just starting to build six flat cars from Tichy Train Group. They call for the #5 coupler but, it sounds like the #148 would be better for this rookie. I have a related question. The instructions with these cars also calls for C-13 washers for the couplers if...
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    The state of Model Railroading

    I see a lot of money going over to those little helicopters with cameras. It's easier to show those off.
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    Opinions on 3D Printing

    I also have an interest in scooters and on a site I visit there is a discussion on this subject. I though some here might wish to see it and got permission from the author.
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    Ads be gone!

    I have very good results with Adblock Plus using IE9-IE11.
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    Opinions on 3D Printing

    I'm on a scooter site and there is a guy there tell us how he does it to make body parts for his scooter, among other things. I find it very interesting. Do you mind if I share your experience with the interested people over there?

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