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    My yard

    I think you have done a fantastic job so far. I know you're not done yet but maybe a little ground foam or weeds scattered down in the valley between sets of tracks.
  2. Q

    Do these ties look prototypical

    I also think they look good but could use maybe a little more of a greyer tint to them
  3. Q

    Stephen Fisher's on30 Deep Run Railroad

    Great looking layout!!
  4. Q

    In-ko-pah Railroad: Spring in the desert

    Gorgeous work!!
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    Helicopter Photography

    Great pictures Larry!! Love the view!
  6. Q

    New backdrop 2

    That is fantastic!! I love the look of the real backdrop. It's hard to get a painted or manufactured backdrop to look that real.
  7. Q

    Weathering rails

    I've painted rails with oil based, water based and just about anything in between and had good luck with just about everything. The only thing I wouldn't be doing though is cleaning your railheads with sand paper no matter how fine. You put tiny scratches in the railhead and that is what...
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    C415 project

    Looks pretty dang good!!
  9. Q

    Bottle Brush Conifers

    I think it looks fantastic!! The trunk on your tree to me seems to be just right compared to the real tree.
  10. Q

    Show Us Your Shops / Servicing Facilities

    Matt...that is quite the amazing setup you guys have there!! I've always wondered the same questions P&W asked you. Thanks. I bet that bear would have been a little suprised had you hit the horn on one of those sweet engines!!
  11. Q

    Upgrading an old Athearn SW

    I'm sure if you look hard enough or pay enough you could probably find some pre-cut. Personally I would just use some Evergreen Styrene clear about .010"
  12. Q

    Walthers says "Just buy a new Shell"?

    If Cal-Scale doesn't come through for ya....Plano just might have something and would even have the two little do-hickie's to go in your hole's. You could even use one of there brake platforms which look to be the same size...
  13. Q

    Model Engineering Works Caboose...

    Very nice!! That's a cute little thing!
  14. Q

    Juneco CNR Caboose project

    That is looking fantastic!!! Nice work!!!

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