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  1. Motley

    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas everyone.
  2. Motley

    DCC BLI Reading T1 causes short on track and stops

    Yep when in doubt, the DCC reset always/usually works.
  3. Motley

    Help finding 2-inch pink foam

    I believe you can special order it through Home Depot. Call them and ask if they can special order it for you.
  4. Motley

    Future uncertain for world's largest model train store

    Wow this really sucks! When I heard they had to move. I was pissed off because I know how Denver real estate is right now, which is completely off the wacker, out of control. Too many people moving here. So I figured the landloard was selling the place for huge amount of money. Now they can't...
  5. Motley

    New ride..and new TV show..

    Very nice looking new wheels there. I had no idea Ford came out with this new Falcon. Pretty sweet lookin. But one problem... the steering wheel is on the wrong side! j/k (sorry couldn't resist)
  6. Motley

    NCE Power cab and DC loco's

    Ask me how I know this. I tried to run a DC loco on my NCE system and burnt the DC loco up. LOL Heck I didn't know anything, I was a complete newb and only had the new NCE system a month or so.
  7. Motley

    Textured spray paint that doesn't eat foam?

    Just go buy some cheap latex paint at Home Depot. Choose the color you want. And like Lynn said, while its wet sprinkle in some sifted dirt.
  8. Motley

    What would you do?

    LOL those are funny. How about "Did something crawl up your butt and die"
  9. Motley

    Weekly Photo Fun - 2/14/16 to 2/21/2016

    Nothing new from me, but this is my helper. She prefers laying ballast! So I let her do that job. LOL
  10. Motley

    What would you do?

    OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Gross! I hate that, I usually tell them I can smell the odor. Either they are too embarrassed and never see them again. Or they take it seriously and never have the problem again. But ya gotta think they know they smell, if you and others can smell it. Then they just don't...
  11. Motley

    What happened to Tony?

    Yep people come and go and life tends to get in the way. Look at me, I was gone last year, dealing with the move to a new home.
  12. Motley

    Broadway Limited Locos (and I'm now poor)

    You do realize, that N scale sound not as good as HO sound models right? HUGE difference, because of the size of the speakers. So don't judge all sound locomotives by only having heard the sound of one N scale loco.
  13. Motley

    Railroads are downsizing

    Holy crap that sucks. Just be glad you still have a job. Speaking of furlough, IBM (who I work for) has been in a downward spiral for several years now. I had to take 35 days furlough days off last year. This year I expect the same.
  14. Motley

    BearClaw Valley Railroad

    Ya I didn't like it. You need to wet it down first, and it still tends to float when applying the white glue and water mix. The real stone ballast is heavy and doesn't even need the pre-soak. It doesn't float and stays in place really nice, even with a heavy dose of glue/water mix.
  15. Motley

    BearClaw Valley Railroad

    ok hmm. Ya I used the WS ballast on my last layout. But for my new layout I'm using the Scenic Express real stone ballast #40 HO scale light grey You can use the weathering powders for in between the tracks. Use dark...

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