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    3 mm Warm White Through Hole LED's

    I've gotten lots of warm white LEDs out of those Christmas light strings for dirt cheap. One set - after I snapped off the fluted plastic cover - has some really great 3mm LEDs with concave ends ! Initially I was rather disappointed they weren't round topped like a typical LED, but when...
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    Kato HO SD80MAC Loksound install anyone?

    There are two speakers in the HTC One M8 phone. The one in the black plastic enclosure and the single one with no enclosure. The one with the enclosure is used for playback on the phone and the single speaker is used for the ringer. While both of the actual speakers appear to be the same, the...
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    GP7 Dummy - Metal Wheels

    If it is an Athearn dummy (which I would almost assume it is), you can easily replace the plastic wheels with the metal ones that come on the powered versions. You can buy the sets from Athearn which include the wheels / plastic center gear and square bronze bushings. They are literally a drop...
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    Kato HO SD80MAC Loksound install anyone?

    I cut that thin circuit trace off even with the edge of the case. Flipped it over and used a sharp X-Acto blade to scrape off the green coating. Must get down to shiney copper. Tin both the pads and the wires. Lay the wire over the pad and touch it with your iron and they will meld right...
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    Kato HO SD80MAC Loksound install anyone?

    That's ESU's download page .... you indicated your friend could download the file from Kato's page .... typo ? Even so, your link is an outdated one that goes to their old page. It only has 3 pages with 51 files. The current link is this which has 10 pages and 66 files each with a full...
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    Kato HO SD80MAC Loksound install anyone?

    The 73400 decoder is the exact same, only it's "blank" and you have to load your own file. The 50327 is a decent speaker. Each speaker is 8 ohms - just wire the two of them in parallel for a 4 ohm load, which Loksound prefers. The key is to seal the speakers air tight to the enclosure, even...
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    Kato HO SD80MAC Loksound install anyone?

    The reason for the size of the enclosure is very carefully calculated in the design stage. Every speaker operates at its maximum potential with a properly designed enclosure. I don't recall the volume of the enclosures at the moment, but I believe the size of the cell phone speakers we use...
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    Kato HO SD80MAC Loksound install anyone?

    Rather timely .... I just finished installing a Loksound decoder and 16mm X 35mm speaker / enclosure in a Kato SD80 MAC tonight ! The speaker was a perfect fit right under the front light bar in the front half of the shell roof. This worked well as I like to have the speaker as close to the...
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    Roundhouse LED light help

    I've done something similar. You can run all three LEDs on each beam in series with a single resistor. Based on 30 ma each and a 12 volt supply, you would need a 43 ohm resistor for each set. That being said, they will be running at their full potential with that resistor and may be too bright...
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    Lok Sound CV54 set to 0 tip

    Depending on the results after the read, I've found sometimes the engine will run really slow - compared to how it ran before doing the auto-adjust. You have to go back in and manually adjust CV 54 back up again. Seems as though CV54 (regulation parameter K) controls the over-all read speed. CVs...
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    Loco lighting without a it possible?

    This is the circuit and components .... For unpowered equipment, use a bridge rectifier and connect the two AC terminals to the trucks and connect the + and - to the proper feeds to the capacitor. Mark.
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    Loco lighting without a it possible?

    Something else to consider is light flicker from the LEDs. You think light flicker is bad with bulbs ? .... LEDs are a thousand times worse as they react instantly to even the smallest voltage loss. If you are going to run LEDs in ANY unpowered equipment (engines / passenger cars / cabooses), I...
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    DCC in a motorcar??

    I installed DCC / sound with a stay alive capacitor AND front and rear lights in a Ford high rail truck ! It's do-able depending on the vehicle you are working with. Mark.
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    Lok Sound decoders

    It IS a problem if you rely on things like dead track before an open lift out or similar. The engine will ignore the dead track and continue right through into the abyss ! Mark.
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    Would 5ma make a big difference?

    I usually run my LEDs at around 10 to 12 ma and they are still plenty bright enough .... especially the white ones. Don't want them to be blinding bright anyway. Mark.

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