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    2 Reading Weaver Coal Hoppers

    I've been thinking about getting some car kits to assemble, as I don't have room for a layout. What all is involved in these kits? I remember doing HO scale kits that were everything from "fully assembled" in the box to having nearly 100 parts to glue together.
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    Transition Era Freight train. Looking for ideas,starting from scratch.

    I think that's the first time I've ever seen an A-B-B-B-A. Neat!
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    That is also true.
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    It's possible to buy things used from a hobby shop.
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    If you won the lottery...

    That's ONE of the things I'd actually do ;)
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    Why a local hobby shop is dying

    Thanks, I think so too! :D I just wish I had a million bucks to make it happen ...
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    Why a local hobby shop is dying

    Well that's a traveling thing. Which is great. But I'm referring to something more permanent. More like EnterTRAINment Junction, but where store customers can get access to run their purchases on the attached mega layout. There would have to be significant main lines for automated trains to make...
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    Why a local hobby shop is dying

    It seems like a hobby shop in conjunction with a club that has some amount of public viewing (even fee based) will soon be the only way they can stay afloat. They'll have to get it down to "In the moment" shoppers. A father / son pair watches model trains on a substantial layout for a few hours...
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    If you won the lottery...

    If I won the lottery I'd buy that monster bike and dump it in the ocean. And then I'd eat ice cream.
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    BNSF, UP train wreck in MO

    This is bad for everyone but the lawyers.
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    Ell&l rr

    Hey fellow Vancouverite! Your layout looks great. I had spent loads of time trying to come up with a switchback layout in On30 and finally gave up due to lack of space. Do you have specifications on things like how long of a train you can fit through the switchbacks, or what grade you run up...
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    U.P bigboys/challengers

    Different strokes for different folks. Pun not intended ;) Some people like Ford, some people like Chevy. Any example someone gives as an attraction to the UP locomotives, someone else will say is either a detraction or exists in another locomotive. Maybe the only thing that can't be argued...
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    Tehachapi Loop By (Model) Airplane

    He mentions in the comments that he was using a GoPro Hero3 Black, which is the latest and greatest compact HD camera ($$$$). He also says he was using his quad, but doesn't specify any further. It could be a packaged job like the AR Drone 2 ( ) or a custom quad...
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    Double Track - Yes or No?

    I prefer for questions to not include harsh opinions that force me into a rational that I may not agree with. I prefer single track with passing lanes, but not because it's more prototypical or prettier. Those are in fact both untrue anyway. Double track is just as prototypical, and level of...
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    Q: What's wrong with this picture? A: You forgot to post the picture? ;)

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