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    Looking for RR&Co Traincontroller users

    You've found one. I have been using TC GOLD since v7. Frederick
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    Sharing track voltage

    Hi, If you try to draw more current from the unit than it is rated for it will shut down on it's own. If that happens on a regular basis than you need to get a booster and shift some of the load to it. Frederick
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    Sharing track voltage

    Hi, What exactly are you using for a command station? Thanks Frederick
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    Anyone good with Arduino?

    I've done a good deal of work with various members of the Arduino family. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. There are a number of "starter kits" out there which is a good way to get your feet wet. These kits typically include the Arduino UNO and a bunch of parts (resistors, caps...
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    Anyone good with Arduino?

    I think that device might be usable. A QUICK glance at the specs suggests it has the needed characteristics. Is 3A going to be enough? Frederick
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    Walthers DCC Turntable Err 1

    Hi, Possibly but no obvious problem is visible. Capacitors (the cylindrical thing) can make a noise when they fail caused by gas escaping but there is usually clear deformation of the case. The problem with the contacts on the ring was not a question of being clean enough but rather they were...
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    Walthers DCC Turntable Err 1

    I found those little arms to be very fussy when it came to maintaining good contact. I had so much trouble I gave up on the design and re-did all of the electronics and used a proper slip ring instead. After cutting off the flange the body of the part is...
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    I'm going to have to make one of these!

    During the hours and hours I spent gluing my roadbed down and then the track to the roadbed I never once hit anything with a hammer. ;) Seriously though it seems to me that the rubber band is not really needed - just the inner "driver" part and the outer "guide" part. Fix some sort of knob or...
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    Reading electronic schematics

    Hi Dave, Yes please email the PDF file. Thank you. You mention "small differences" - what exactly are you referring to? If you can tell me what the differences are I can tell you if it matters or not. Frederick
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    Reading electronic schematics

    For a 1uF cap you should be safe with a aluminum or tantalum. There are many different styles (body shape, lead position) but you can probably sort that out yourself based on your needs. The part number for the bridge should be sufficient to specify the exact part - unless it is an incomplete...
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    Reading electronic schematics

    R1 can be a 1/4 watt which are easy to find. If you are asking about the voltage for C1 then 50 volts or better should do it. U2 is simply a full-wave bridge IC with the part number as shown MB110S.
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    Hi, Interesting. I measure speed over a 100" length so minor variations have less effect on the result. Frederick
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    Floquil is gone... what would you use?

    Hi, For solvent based paints I use: Frederick
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    Under Layout Comfort Crawler Photo Series

    Hi, I made my creeper from a unit off of Amazon. I removed the casters and added some wood to get the desired height and installed new casters. The "tool holder" is a serving tray mounted on a adjustable video monitor mount allowing it to be swung to a good position and adjusted in height if...
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    What is a Catch Point?

    Hi, It's designed to prevent a car from rolling onto the mainline from a siding by dumping the wheels onto the ties. Frederick

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