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  1. crook

    What Railroad, era, and location???

    I 'model' the early days of Conrail in the upper Ohio River valley around Mingo Jct OH. By model, I mean collect appropriate rolling stock, mainly big alcos, ore jennies/hoppers and coal hoppers. I have to run on a club, as I don't have a layout, and probably won't any time soon. For now though...
  2. crook

    The Canadian Confederation Train

    Man, that is some fantastic work. Great detailing work and decalling. It seems like those are either huge or very complicated decals, both of which I am sure are a pain to put on! What kind of putty do you use?
  3. crook

    Busted airbrush?

    Hello folks. A shelf in my office collapsed today, and my airbrush, drying after a cleaning, hit the concrete. Bent the needle, somehow in 2 places. Is this something I am likely to be able to bend back, or should I just get a new airbrush? If a needle is just off a little, is that fatal?
  4. crook

    HO Short Lines

    Sounds like brakie's trains run not far from where I live ;)
  5. crook

    Prototype Pictures: Weathering Inspiration

    Here is a Wisconsin Southern box, because not all boxcars look like they are 80 years old. :D
  6. crook

    Prototype Pictures: Weathering Inspiration

    Here are a trio of boxcars from three of my favorite roads, may they rust in peace. Varying levels of weathering, even though they are all fairly aged at this point in their lives. Photographed at Marion, OH last year from the steps of the tower. A great place to be able to get a little roof...
  7. crook

    Why is the hobby in trouble?

    Quite often on various message boards the subject of the dire straights the hobby is in these days, a lot of pessimism and doom and gloom out there. Why exactly is this? Why is the hobby in trouble?
  8. crook

    C32-8 shell kit in HO?

    I once saw (on the internet) a Conrail C32-8 shell that could be put on an atlas U30C frame. Anyone have any idea who made them, and where I could find one? Has anyone on here put one together?
  9. crook

    "What are you working on?" Thread

    I am doing my darndest to resist the On30 bug, and trying not to do anything related to modeling. I find myself slipping....
  10. crook

    Photo shoot

    Do you shoot strobe and umbrella? There don't seem to be very deep shadows in your (well done) pictures.
  11. crook

    0n30 scratchbuilt collection

    Man, I can't look at your stuff anymore. It makes me seriously contemplate a switch to On30. I like the quirky backwoods feel it allows, something you don't find much of in the 1970s HO scale I am in now.
  12. crook

    What are you modeling, and why?

    I was born on the eve of Conrail, and the only memories I have of it were as big blue, not the ratty hand me down 1970s Conrail that must have been very interesting to watch. So I model from the late 1970s Conrail, even tho I don't have a layout-yet. My main focus is the Corning, Congo and...
  13. crook

    Model Railroad Slogans

    "The Sunday-Monday Line" the HO scale Corning, Congo and Monday Creek (line runs from Corning, on Sunday Creek to the Monday Creek Valley at Shawnee)
  14. crook

    What's in your wallet^W roster?

    01-Corning, Congo and Monday Creek #10, yellow P2k S1 02-Corning, Congo and Monday Creek #12, blue and yellow P2K S1 03-Conrail Athern (?) U28C in PC black 04-Conrail Stewart C630 in PC black 05-Conrail Stewart C630 in PC black, unnumbered 06-PRR Stewart C630 07-Zanesville and Powhaten...
  15. crook

    Good luck Larry!

    If I remember correctly, Larry, the 'long winded old fart' used to post here. He is from Arcadia Fl, an area just devastated by the big storm down there. Lets wish him luck! I used to live in Punta Gorda, and work in Port Charlotte (FL) and man, it gives me a funny feeling seeing my former...

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