Good luck Larry!


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If I remember correctly, Larry, the 'long winded old fart' used to post here. He is from Arcadia Fl, an area just devastated by the big storm down there. Lets wish him luck!

I used to live in Punta Gorda, and work in Port Charlotte (FL) and man, it gives me a funny feeling seeing my former stomping grounds in such sad shape. Lets wish the whole area good luck.
Damn Straight. Good Luck and God Bless Y'all In Florida.

(My girlfriend just dealt with an employee that demanded immediate action from the Florida office, and was all kinds of mad when told that the office was closed because of the hurricane.
I guess her paperwork was more important to her than the reality of good people fighting the elements for their lives and property.)
Hi Claudia, did Larry answer your email? I mean more than a month has passed.
No, I'm sad to say I haven't heard from him, but still hoping for the best. It's likely that his 'net service was down for a time, and he may be preoccupied with recovering from any damage they might have suffered.
Yeah, when hurricane Juan passed through the Maritimes here people were still without power a month later, and other than the Parks, power transmission lines, and a Tall ship in the harbour the damage was mild compared with Florida. I hope they will receive some financial help recovering from it.
Hi Gang, I'm baaaack. I left a message on the forum under the ANPL. I had very little damage to the house. A screen door torn off & one broken window. Lost 34 tree's that were 33 years old. We had sustained winds of 145 mph
for 2&1/2 hrs. The rest of Arcadia is a total war zone. Lot of businesses & homes gone forever. Lots & lots of destroyed tree's. The old water tower fell over. I had posted photo's of it on the forum a long time ago. The local RR yards were a shambles w/rail cars turned over & smashed. Right now Peace River is flooded from all of the rain we had before Charley & tons of it since then. My yard looks like a swamp. I have to park both of my vehicles out by the road. To many tree's down to drive up to the house & the mud is to deep. It's going to be many months before this town gets back on it's feet.
You're alive and OK, all the rest can be repaired or replaced. I still feel for those who lost their homes and/or loved ones, it truly was a disaster. Thake care.