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    On30? Anyone?

    Glad to see another narrow-minded individual around! ;) Welcome to the dark side! I model in On30 as well; logging out east, mostly. Cheers, -Chris
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    Weekly Photo Fun 6-26/7-02

    Finished Layout on display! Hey guys, here's some pics of my finished On30 logging layout, built on a hollow core door: I hope the pics showed up... Cheers, -Chris
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    Why you don't climb trains.

    Holy Lord! Even KFC couldn't make 'em that crispy... You'd think he be paying attention to the wires...sheesh. -Chris
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    Atlas turnouts

    Huh, that's weird. My switches on my layout have the atlas dead frogs and I run my sound engines over them all the time- no problem!:confused: That's kinda weird. Maybe it's just something with the C83 ones? I kind of like their turnouts. I just remove the machines and saw off the lugs...
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    That's some awesome work! thanks guys! Cheers, -Chris
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    Does it look like they could easily stand in for an O-scale one if some parts were enlarged? Cheers, -Chris
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    Weekend Photo Fun 3-6/3-9

    Thank you! I had to sit down for fifteen minutes, trying to come up with something like that... Had to be belittling in a way...:D Cheers, -Chris
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    Weekend Photo Fun 3-6/3-9

    New guy photos... Steamwinder action on the Broaken and Derrelickt Lumber Co.: Enjoy! -Chris
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    Okay; I guess this sort of turned into a WIP thread...:) Well, the water has hardened, and I am starting work on the unfinished side of the layout. Will post pictures later. BTW, does anyone know where I can get a cheap O scale steam skidder? Cheers, -Chris
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    Yeah, don't I know it! It's in my garage, so I didn't have a whole lot to work with....:mad::rolleyes: I just poured the water into the pond this morning. Starting to take shape... Cheers, -Chris
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    Hey rob, its Chris. I got your 'friends' request. It won't let me put you on my list though...

    Hey rob, its Chris. I got your 'friends' request. It won't let me put you on my list though (the forum I mean). I'll try again later, though. There's a thread in the O scale section about On30 stuff that I put up; it has some pics of my layout on it if you want to check it out. later, -Chris
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    well... Holy mac. That is some cool stuff! I only wish my modeling skills were as good as yours! Pics of my layout and my newest acquisition, a B'mann On30 Shay (the sound version, courtesey of my brothers) in my garage at home.... Name of the layout is Broaken & Derrelickt Lumber Co...
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    Of course! But yes, my good sir; I will. Unfortunately it is 9:25 PM here in wisconsin and I have school tomorrow so I will post some pics then. Expect them up at about Six O'clock Central time. Cheers, -Chris
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    Anybody model in On30 over this way? It looks like a minority scale on this forum... Anybody who models in On30, sound off! Be proud!:) Pics would be nice. I'll post some off mine if you guys put up yours.:D Cheers, -Chris
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    now sumthin aint right here...

    no problem! love the pics! will have to post pictures of the shay in its element on my portable layout at home... thanks again, Cheers Chris

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