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    Hi Folks, from the Sharpnack LTD

    Hi everyone, My name is Charlie and I have a model railroad I call "The Sharpnack Limited". Its set in the (made-up) western PA town of Sharpnack, with a touch of Harper's Ferry scenery mixed in, focusing on an evening scene with lots of lights and twilight sky effects. I run O gauge, On30...
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    0-6-0 Mantua Classics Yard Goat - running choppy

    in addition Loosening that screw, putting a very slight wedge under the motor, and lubing it, improved performance 200%. Has a nice crawl at slow speeds now. Excellent suggestions everyone.
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    0-6-0 Mantua Classics Yard Goat - running choppy

    Sorry took me a day or two to respond. I did put in the 9 pin decoder... I dont have the part number readily available, but I will say it was not Digitrax and it was way too big (1 1/2" long!). Right now the tender is actually riding up 1/8" because I cant get it down any further. Bummed...
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    DCC - Do I need two auto-reversers or only one?

    thanks! the link helps; i will study and get back
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    DCC - Do I need two auto-reversers or only one?

    Thanks for the response, but problem is: those exact locations are bachmann crossover pieces that have an electrified frog for my smalller wheelbase engine. I cant isolate there as there is nowhere to put the joiners, its all one piece. I will check out the link. I had thought moving to...
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    DCC - Do I need two auto-reversers or only one?

    See attached. In this DCC layout, I think I have the location of the insulation joiners correct (correct me if i am wrong) but Im not sure 1) if i have autoreverser in right spot and 2) if I need 2. Thoughts please! Thanks! Charlie
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    HO Bachmann 2-8-0 Question: Explorer vs. Ala carte

    Hi, Quick and probably easy question, but I cant seem to get the info online. Does anyone know if the 2-8-0 that comes in the Explorer set: is the same 2-8-0 that can be purchased ala carte...
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    Not your average 4x8

    that is funny! Great shot
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    Strasburg vs. Real Short Lines

    Thanks everyone, this has been a really interesting group of responses. This is making me actually think of modeling the Strasburg... or a reasonable facsimile. @ Strasburg Nut. I like the "ghost train".... thats going to be in my layout ...
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    Forced Persepective - N and HO

    I just tried a mockup last night and I think Im onto a winner here, this should work. The key is: View the N scale from below . I am going to mount the layout at eye level so that the HO train set in the fore will be seen at eye level, and then N scale will be 8" above that. I am going...
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    Strasburg vs. Real Short Lines

    HI everyone Question - I am a beleiver in modeling "what you know." I happen to know a lot about the Strasburg Railroad, a heritage short-line railroad in Lancaster County (many of you I am sure know it). I have been there like 100 times. My question is this. The Strasburg as it...
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    Forced Persepective - N and HO

    Hi I am still planning my layout and I am wondering about something: I happen to like both HO and N scales for different reasons. I am thinking of combining the two in a "forced perspective" arrangement where I have the N as the "far off" the HO as the foreground. My strategy right now...
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    Pretty sure I bought the wrong one

    Wow I never realized there was so much negative feeling towards smoking engines. To each his own I guess. Anyway, I concur you got a nice loco. Congrats.
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    MTH Ho Trains

    I can see both sides here. I tend to be a "newbie" at fixing stuff while I am ready and willing to enter the learning curve, I am a little hesitant to start tinkering with something that cost me $450. I think thats part of the hesitation with me. Perhaps thats the problem with buying...

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