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    What if we dont have a website?
  2. 1991conrail

    1991conrails layout thread

    Its an old tyco santa fe switcher.
  3. 1991conrail

    1991conrails layout thread

    thanks, yes I know bachmann e-z track is horrible, i used to have a floor layout, and i had bachmann e-z track, so I just used it, I have been using it for a while and not really had many problems yet, but if i re-do the layout i will use a flex track.
  4. 1991conrail

    tooters scooters...

    Very nice stuff tooter, do you find most of this stuff on ebay?
  5. 1991conrail

    Weekly Photo Fun 7-15/7-21

    Looking good, how big is your layout?
  6. 1991conrail

    1991conrails layout thread

    Okay here are more pictures! Two more pictures of the passenger trains before I packed them back up! Now a conrail freight train speeds by A picture of a short ( or in my layouts case, big ) boxcar train, some boxcars are my brothers. One last picture, with my brothers small santa fe...
  7. 1991conrail

    New to the Forum!

    I dont think your aces would of liked those 18 inch radiuses.
  8. 1991conrail

    1991conrails layout thread

    cool, I should have pictures of the actual layout later, We are starting to work on a pond!
  9. 1991conrail

    What's on your layout..

    I voted no specific area, well because i dont really know where I'm modeling, but i do have american rolling stock/locomotives.
  10. 1991conrail


    Glad to see im not the only new person with a smaller ho scale layout!
  11. 1991conrail

    1991conrails layout thread

    My camera ran out of battery's, so i will have more pictures of the current layout soon, so here are pictures of my very first layout in my room. On carpet!
  12. 1991conrail

    Re: language on the Forum.

    yruhavetroublereadinthisitrntthathard? just kidding
  13. 1991conrail

    July photo contest

    I think this is going to be a close contest
  14. 1991conrail

    1991conrails layout thread

    no problem, In the back of the first picture will be mountains, more pictures to come!
  15. 1991conrail

    New to the Forum!

    nice, two more questions, what are your radiuses, and layout size?

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