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Hi all. Looking forward to seeing your work! Have a great weekend.

From the archive... :D

Eastbound coal drag waits for a clear main south of Sedalia, Colo.

Southbound freight heads toward Sedalia, Colo. The Platte Canyon Spur is visable to the left of the F3 near it's break point on the Joint Line.
I've been working on detailing a Roadrailer train off and on for the past few weeks. Here's this week's accomplishment, which will hopefully receive a coat of paint before the weekend is over.
Looks like some mighty fine work there, fellas! I'm still in demolition mode, although I did get a coat of primer/sealer on the inside of the hotel yesterday. I'll have some pics tomorrow. Getting ready for guests today.
The pics are looking good everyone!

Fellow board member cjcrescent came over today for a layout visit. We had a great time and took a little local railfanning trip afterward. Here's a couple of shots taken on the CSX main between Bham and Nashville from the trip... As modelers, it never hurts to look at the real thing. In fact, I kinda enjoy it. :D

Approaching soutbound.

And the pass by and approach to one of the area tunnels. Notice the contrast between MUed GE and EMD equipment.
Fine bunch of photos from all this weekend, I especially like the " Approaching soutbound" it would make a great scene on a layout. Nate, are those roadrailers "N" scale, the details sure stand out. Very nice!
Gee it' not Sunday yet and I have something to post.
First is my water weeds, just had to try it, and with a bit of green paint and a few more of them I believe it'll work. The weeds are bristles from an old toothbrush.

Little guy with logs for the mill

The Valley Lumber Co. ( haven't made the signs yet)

Work horses on the trestle EMD GP18 4700 and MLW RS18 3675

That's it for awhile.
These are HO scale (I don't think I would have the patience to do it in N scale :rolleyes: ). I actually managed to get a coat of paint on yesterday. The hole in the center of the Couplermate on the right is there on purpose, btw. That may be a project for later this week :D
I finally got my rails today. Picked them up at the bus station and am now assembling it all. The Walthers GP9 is just great! Runs nicely too. I'll have to change my plan a bit though, as the switches don't quite fit. Oh well.
Roman, PICTURES! We want Pictures. :D Glad to hear that progress is being made, though.

This week, I spent more time to get less done than I thought possible. The first shot shows the results after the early stripping attempts. The door and window frames still had a lot of paint blobs clinging to them, and the walls were still cruddy, so it took several more passes with the Zip Strip and various sharp-edged and abrasive tools to clean them up. You can also see the original rough and dirty interior through the openings.

After a lot of sanding and two coats of primer/sealer, the inside now looks fairly presentable. The floor/ceiling that will divide the two-story building is also ready, but won't be installed until I'm ready to re-assemble the building. I suppose if I were a real masochist, I could make frames and sills for the insides of the windows, too.

The outside is ready for final sanding, plus a little more cleanup on the door and windows. I'm happy to see that the window frames and mullions survived so I won't have to replace those.
Lady_Railfan said:
Roman, PICTURES! We want Pictures. :D Glad to hear that progress is being made, though.
It took me many hours to get this far... I have a lot of issues to get through, including non-matching couplers, but I'll take care of that tommorrow after going to the university.:eek:
Looking good Roman, maybe in my week at home I can get the basic benchwork done, and lay some track... Or atleast lay the track to test its positioning. Looks like you're gonna be having fun soon!
YES I know I said that I'd post no more updates, but I couldn't resist, she's resting on my display track waiting for her couplers, and to be packed up for a while... I hope to toss in a decoder in a few months, so that when my dad's layout is runnable, he can run her atleast, he's going to stick to 4 axle or less, or, in the case of steam 4 driver of less (combination of steam and diesel)... I'm also working on a custom paint scheme on a 28' 6" semi trailer, sky blue, with a white roof.
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Wow everyone, looks like ya'll have been busy. Josh, I'm likin what I see. Espeacially like the ATSF replacement AC unit. That track lloks great too!

For me, I just sent my new PROTO 2000 down to my friend Dave to get painted and detailed into a true Weyerhaueser unit. Unit number will be 755; purchased in 1975 from MK, 5th diesel locomotive for CCC following its 4 H10-44s. Will post pics as they are available. Other than that, not much. Just workin on the remodel of the house and the occasional trip to Portola.

1. The weekend before last, my friend Josh came down from Washington to play around with me a Portola. We were quickly put to work on SP GP9 2873 removing a cylinder head which had cracked. Josh managed to find time to snap a shot of Hank, our CMO giving me a lesson in the fine art of diesel mechanics. Myself on the right.
2. Here is a shot of UP 1983 last weekend at Portola, along with WP 805-A, the last WP CZ unit in existence, well those that aren't Toyotas now.
3. Also thought I'd posted a picture of the LOVELY weather were having.

Photos 1 and 3 D R Delp, posted w/ permission.
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