WPF 2/9 to 2/14

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Hey....! Where is thee best thread of the week? somebody isn't doing there job around here! OK, so I'll get it going for us.

I got the underside of the Octagon Blacksmith's Shop roof painted and started putting the "Cedar Shakes" in place on the roof.

Shakes are cut from 1 x 6, 1 x 8, and 1 x 10" scale lumber. Each of the eight roof sections will require over 300 shakes to do. Then the edge detail will be added between the roof sections so it should look like the way Shake roofs are finished.

Lets see what you folks have been up to!
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Looking great Ray!

I am still building my little N Scale trucks. I decided I need a wrecker to haul them to the shop when they break down ;)

The wrecker is getting mud flaps installed then it goes to paint.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman

Unfortunately i will be running out of 1x10" stock in about 3 more courses. I have more on order, but it may take a couple weeks to get here. I know of one brick and mortar LHS that might just have some in stock. It's about 1 and a half hours drive round trip... I will call before I drive over there.

Kevin, nice work on the nearly invisible trucks!


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Not quite as impressive as that roof. My god it would be easier to build a real one! That looks so good. Can't wait to see it finished. My wrecker is getting closer to paint. But I keep coming up with more details to add to it. Now I need a hook about .040" long :D


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Ray--great looking shingles
Kevin T--nice rocks in your scenery
Kevin Nscaler--Deluxe trucks, snowplow my favorite
Carey--Superb detail under the tank

I got some lights on my layout over the weekend. The locomotive is parked for the evening.




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Lol Stoker.

Hey Carey, those Tichy kits very nice? I am considering their N scale MOW set.

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Kevin, you must have the patience of Job to be able to work N scale like that! Well done!

Here's a few pics of my latest O scale building. The story goes: Arthur told his wife he was going out to the tool shed to fix the broken window pane. His younger friend, Thurman, said he would help. They should have it finished soon.


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Here's a pic for all the east coast people who got hammered with those crazy snow storms. A D&RGW GP60 emerging from the Moffat Tunnel near the Tennessee Pass.


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