WPF 1/3 to 1/9/14

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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Hey, hey, hey! It's a new year and nobody has started the best thread of the week here! Hope you all are having a great year so far and have lots of model railroading to share!

I have been getting some things done on my Blacksmith's Shop Project. The walls have been joined together and it is starting to look like a building... It almost looks a little bit likerthe one I'm modeling or so I've been told. Anyway here is where the Alloway, NY Octagon Blacksmith's Shop is at the moment:




Since these photos were taken, I have added more plaster to the inside corners for strength and have smoothed out the egdes on the outside with a little bit of the colored plaster.


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That's really good...perfect start!

I'm just working on a detail of a loco...its not perfect (i used a Athearn BB , mainly for cost reasons...plus it needed...something...) anyway it's an old project on the bench but I have resolved to actually finsih something this year!!!


If you can't see it (still learning how to use hte new camera!) I removed several molded details...added a cheap fan, some sun shades, and body hooks...I also drilled it for wire grab irons but hve not installed yet because I need to decal behind them(still not sure how to yet, pretty new to this decal stuff?)

BTW Happy New Model Year!
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I think it's lookin good Greg. I'm a sucker for the early EMD's but have decided not to model units that modern. Minds change though.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Bump....... Thought this should be above last weeks WPF.

Hey lookey, lookey, lookey what I got!!! Only took 2 years for them to come back into production but.... The Details West Railbars I needed are finally back in stock. I got 15 packages so I hope I can pretty much finish all the rail I want to use them on.


I have also been working on the long "fill" coming out of Kanandarqua Yard. This will lead to an overpass going into the hills and two major bridges I will be scratchbuilding this Winter (I hope).


The entire yard and most of the track on this end of the layout is (will be) hand laid ME code 83 on hand made ties (excepting the PC ties) and all the turnouts made with Fast Tracks Jigs. Here is where it will turn and go over the "yet to be built" overpass.


The track behind the fill leads out of the yard and goes to the upper staging area. It also branches off and becomes a return loop over the fill back to the yard.



MRL's local crossing one of Montana's many dirt roads guarded by gates.

Photo taken on my diorama.

HO scale.

Both GP35 are Athearn RTR custom painted and weathered by me.
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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
What's WPF mean in the thread title?

Over here on this forum it means Weekly Photo Fun. On some other forums it is Weekend Photo Fun. A place to show off what you have been accomplishing over the past week or so on your hobby.

Have fun!


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I started building the Walthers Diesel House finally, after long two years after getting the kit.



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Nice work, everybody. .. Ray, the blacksmith shop is looking good. What adhesive do you use to hold the sides together? ... Zak, Your Montana scene looks real. .. Michael, Your diesel shop progress looks great.

Here are some NP and GN trains.



S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Ray, the blacksmith shop is looking good. What adhesive do you use to hold the sides together? ...

Hi Garry! The walls are held together with just plain old Dry Wall Mud... Hey the walls are plaster to start with, so... I did add some roof brown to the plaster so it wouldn't show much anyplace and then repainted the spots that do show on the outside with the paint blend I used for the walls. Thanks!

Nice collection of power and rolling stock!


I've always had 4 axle engines because of my small first layout and now I'm building an around the room 10 X 14 and decided it was time to see how a 6 axle engine will work on it. I got this Athern Dash 9-44CW for myself as a Christmas present.



Runs around the new layout just fine, :)


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Here is my new "Old" locomotive, came as parts from ebay. Motor mount, drive shaft, and a cleaning later and now I have a big locomotive.


This thing really pulls. Manufactured by Athearn in 1973.

Have Fun!!! lasm


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All looks good guys!

You know Logandsawman, people will complain about the older BB Athearn but man they can pull and if you know how to tweak them a little they just RUN! And the price usually cant be beat!

I am working on detailing an old Gp9 and I know the scale is a little off but I detailed it a bit and once it is painted, decaled, tweaked, and I add DCC and maybe some sound it will be awesome!

Great Times!


Fred's Loco Shop Foreman
wow, the WPFs are slacking off.... alot of our regulars have been MIA!

Here's my contribution for this week...


I'll have some more from the club tomorrow!


You guys have been busy this week! I've been slacking quite a bit one my layout and getting my co-op finished up.

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