Wild Time in Germany!!

it's always happening here on dissused lines, the gypo's tend to be behind it, (Gypo's,-Gipsys- travellers, what ever you call them over there) they drive round the country parking wherever they want, steal whatever they want and generally cause a nuisance wherever they go.
Boy that is something . Steve we have them here in the USA also . They steal and cause problems and then there gone to another state !
In my area it's copper on the hot list. Several homes mid-way through construction have had their wiring stripped from the walls, a salvage yard has had spools of wiring stolen, and someone even took the copper wiring that controls a grade crossing's signals and gates :eek: The ridiculously high prices for scrap metal are causing it, since, to the criminal mind anyways, it's free money laying around. From what I've read a big cause of the inflation of scrap metal prices is China. Apparently they're buying an awful lot of our scrap metal, smelting and purifying it on the ship on the way back over, manufacturing new goods with it, and then shipping it back over here to sell it. :eek:
Nate you hit the nail right on the head, Copper pipe for domestic instalations has more than doubled in a year over here,,, thanks to the chinese buying everything up, it's also fueling crime, houses under construction in remote places get extra security once the copper pipe and electric's go in, they are hot on the theft list.
well didn't happen to us:D we got through to the lockup stage without damage or theft!!