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Where/how do you do your model rr shopping

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Red Oak & Western

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There's a hobby shop about 10 miles away, but their primary focus is G & Lionel (O-27). I've picked up a few items there, but most of my shopping is via the internet. 1st Place Hobbies is in 1st palce, followed by Walthers. I get their sales fliers and shop the bargains. I also buy from Tichy Train Group (good people) and Toy Train Heaven.



Lake Shore Lines
I have the best of both worlds. I have one shop 2 miles from my office and 1 shop 2 blocks from my house. Although I am not sure the wife appreciates the shops being that close. :D


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By now you've all read my shameless business plugs :eek: so I'm sure my vote for eBay is no surprise :rolleyes:

It's a little bit different for me since I'm a dealer, but I've actually ordered from other online dealers before, and I certainly like to support the local hobby shops as well (the nearest 'real' hobby shop is about 30 (?) miles away though).
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Well usually where ever I can get what I want at an acceptable price. There are a couple of Hobby Shops that will order the parts for me and mail them to me at a decent cost. If the items are not in stock they try to get them and there can be a bit of a wait. Not having a local hobby shop I'm quite satisfied with service they provide, they are honest and value their customer base. ( heck they even mail them to me before being paid) Detail parts from small manufacturers like Tiger Valley and a couple of independant decal manufacturers. eBay for some things but that's dying out for me now, I have just about all I want in the line of locos now, maybe even too many. Last but not least I pick up used stuff at train shows.



Diesel Detail Freak
I use the LHS for stuff I want NOW such as details, and paint, but also scratch building parts, and I love sale items! If its on sale, and I can find a use, I'll buy it, provided I have the money...

As for eBay I'd use it for bulk items, or hard to find stuff. Or that "expencive" stuff cause you can find it cheeper there. Online stores mostly include only walthers.com or rrtrains.com

Shows are allways great though! A bulk of the stuff going on my dad's layout is from shows.


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Yes, we do seem to forget the train show flea markets. If you know your prices at the local hobby shop & even on line, train shows have some great prices. Sometimes a person is changing scales & you can get some fantastic buys. My only problem is the shows are too far apart. The 1st one in my area(60 miles away) is the weekend after Thanksgiving, then the next 1 is the 1st week in Dec. & jan. Then I have to wait till April for the last one of the season. I've gotten some really good purchases at some of the shows. You need to take a good track gage & a scale rule w/you when you go.



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Just like Larry, the train shows are too far apart for me. The nearest hobby shop is 60 miles away in Huntsville Al. I spend most of my Time on Ebay and do some internet shopping as well, but I don't leave the hobby shop out in the cold I order lots of detail parts from him. Joey
just got internet, so not through that
my LHS, mostly, but there is a private dealer that I visit, who knocks off$35 from the price of katos


Actually I use to go to hobby shops every Saturday unless it snowed.Now I must relay on Internet shopping due to having a driving restriction because of having a major heart attack...Not to worry..I am still in the loop and hear all of the exciting news concerning the hobby in the surrounding counties. :D
I must admit I miss having fresh coffee with the owners of the hobby shops.
Train shows and all the poll choices, except E-Bay (I just haven't ventured there very much yet). Most of the time, though, it's through the internet.


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
I have watched my hobby budget deteriorate from little to nearly nothing over the past couple years, so I find myself buying building materials and detail parts more than trains themselves. Since the number of hobby shops in my area has been reduced by one in the past few months, the ready supply of building materials (sheet styrene, etched brass sheet, etc.) has also diminshed. So, I find myself ordering the specific items I need more than browsing around the hobby shops lately. I also use ebay and trade/barter with friends to get stuff and unload stuff a lot more in recent months than I ever did before. My vote goes to all the choices but mail order.
I like hobby shops.There are 2 hobby shops I deal with the most.There Arkansas Traveler Hobbies that used to be here in Pine Bluff,AR,now in Bald Knob,AR and One Track Mind in Little Rock,AR.


All of the above...

...plus train shows, garage sales, yard sales, fellow modellers and club members

If you can buy train stuff there, I'll have a look!


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Out of the four hobby shops I did business with, four went out of business. I do most of my shopping at Trainfest in Milwaukee and other smaller swap meets.



I love trains!
I'm fortunate enough to live near one of the best MRR hobby stores in the world! Caboose Hobbies in Denver, Colorado! They have amazing prices considering they're brick and mortar! I love love love love Caboose Hobbies!

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