Which Name?


First I got a Spectrum GE 70 tonner and now I need to choose a nice road name.I can get the decals from Champ..This short line is 6.5 miles long and serves a industrial park.Of course its owned by CDB Industries and connects with my C&HV.
Here is the list..Which do you like?

Here is the 70 tonner..I will be ordering a 0-6-0T.
I votes fer Beaver Creek but I just finished watchin Leave it to Beaver on the TV so I is stuck in Beaver country me thinks
Personally, my next industry will be the "Sheet Creek Paddle Company".
But that is not one of your selections.
The Short Creek Line would be in line with the railroad length.
Ask, and of 6 replies, you get 6 different answers!;)
Mostly Creeks were named for some outstanding feature. If the "creek" is on your layout, what feature is predominant?
Creek, Rattle & Roll? ;)

On a more serious note, they all work, and I like Cedar Creek and Rocky Creek.

Chip has a good idea, to which I'd another suggestion. Consider the outstanding features of the model creek, and the prototype area your model railroad is situated in.

As an example, while Cedar Creek and Rocky creek sounds good for the Pacific Northwest, Cedar Creek would probably not be as likely a name for a railroad in the great plains or some other areas where such trees aren't as common. If you're modeling Florida, then Sandy Creek might be more appropriate, or Mud Creek for a slow moving stream in the Midwest.

So pick an area you're supposedly modeling, even if it's only a general region. Say you like NP and want lots of NP boxcars on the line, then you might pick the Northwest. Then consider what names sound logical for that area, or even look at a map and pick an existing name you like.
SpaceMouse said:
Mostly Creeks were named for some outstanding feature. If the "creek" is on your layout, what feature is predominant?

First I apologize for not seeing your question sooner.
The most predominant feature on the new industrial switching layout will be the industries and detailed scenes.There won't be a creek of any type because the space is needed for roads,parking areas etc.The railroad is a switching service for a industrial park much like Progressive Rail http://www.progressiverail.com/
The name selection is limited to Champ Decal's private name list.

However,this line is located in Ohio and the year is 1957.

BTW..Ohio has several types of Cedar trees.The Eastern Red,Northern White and the Red.
Guys, As a update..I am learning toward CEDAR CREEK as the newest CBDI switchinng road..:D
My Grandson suggested TOLEDO CONNECTING or HURON RIVER TERMINAL..So,I am still debating..Both of those last names can be around Lake Erie my favorite fishing hole and lake..:confused:
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