where did you get foam?

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I was out at Lowes earlier looking for some metal mesh for the tunnel motor im building. I decided what the hell let me see how much the foam sheets are along with some 2x4's and plywood for when I decide to expand. To my amazement the 4x8 foam insulation was $30 for 2" thick. 1/4 4x8 was $17. Is this what everyone pays? It was only in blue and almost evey pic i've seen on here has the pink stuff. I thought this stuff would be pretty cheap. Is home depot any better?


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Pink/blue, the same thing by different manufacturers. Mostly blue in these areas. Prices seem to be right to me.


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Find some building construction going on and make friends with the jobsite foreman. Most of the time they give away scraps if you pick it up for them after hours.


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How 1" thick, 4' x 8' Dow boards only cost $8 each. It might be the season though, people will pay more for insulation in the winter..


I agree with the construction site option. I got all my foam for free. Some is almost a full sheet with just a small corner cut off.


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I agree w/all the people that got it free. Take a little xtra time before U buy it & find a construction site that's using it. Years ago(about 10) I got enough free stuff to fill a 24 by 40 ft &14ft high building to insulate the whole building.
Plus, all of the scrap wire, metal studs, misbent conduit, 3/4" exterior marine plywood & 2-5 gal. buckets of self tapping metal screws that I picked up w/a magnet at the end of the project. I'm CHEAP though & I love to find stuff to use on the layout.



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One more place to find it, is along the highway. I got a lot of mine that way. Pieces break off of loads. Odd shapes but hey you're going to cut it up anyway.

Cheers Willis


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im going to check the home depot by me. When I saw $30 i nearly passed out. As for the construction, to be honest there isn't that much going on here in NJ right now. Atleat that I can see when out and about.


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If you check Home Depot or Loews sometimes they also have broken pieces and they will either sell it cheap or give it to you .
I cant get 2" thick @ my local Lowes. but the 1/2 stuff is only 9 bucks for a 4x8 and the 1" thick is only 11 bucks a sheet...

Lowes Stinks. Just try asking for bridge Clips sometime..
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Try asking at your local furniture store. I've slavaged a whole bunch of large pieces of the white styrofoam that were used for packing headboards and the like. While it isn't as convenient as standard thickness sheets, the price is right.

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