What's your layouts time frame?

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Dr Frankendiesel
A generic approach is essentially what I use. The structures are a general mix of old and modern and the vehicles range from the 50's to 05. By adding or subtracting vehicles and some small details of certain times, I can make the layout reflect whatever time period I want (in the time periods of the 50's to modern day) that I want it too. Still, it wouldn't be a big leap to have a train pulled by a team of F units or RS3's to come through town in 2001. Not likely to happen but it's possible.


Drum Driver
Our club layout is built in the 50's. Basically 1956, because that was the last running year of a local steam narrow guage line (East Broad Top)that interconnected with the PRR in the same town that our layout is in. We have an author of a receint history book produced about the town and he stops by once a month to check our progress and help us on what buildings sat where. Kinda a little history lesson for those who don't, and a flash-back for those who do remember.
But when no one is there touring the layout we have a "run-what-ya-brung" night so we can get it out of your systems and run our large diesels,challengers, and big boys with double stackers or what ever!


Wiley Old Dog
My plans are for 1953-1954 late spring/early summer. Lets me run Diesel and Steam and it's a great part of the Fabulous 50's just before Route 66's first death knell came from the beginning of the Interstate highway system that came in 1956 with the authorizing of the Federal-Aid Highway Act. The Super Chief is still in all her glory and has yet to be reduced or combined with other trains, EMD E8's are rolling and it's just a good time! :)




I'm not really sure.... It's PRR in the 1940's, except for the NP F Unit, and the Sounder Commuter Train, and the Amtrak Talgo, and the John Bull...

Guess maybe it's some crazy railroad museum in the current day? Not sure how else you explain the Sounder passing a GG1 and an SP Daylight...


Well-Known Member
For me, it is begins with 1947 for automobiles, but the buildings, rolling stock, and locomotives run from 1927 (older J1d sold to TH&B Ry by NYC) to 1952, my yob. The last allowed day is my birthday three years later.

Location is somewhere in N. America, mostly foothills of the Rockies, but somehow 300 yards of Horseshoe Curve west of Altoona got planted on my main.

I'm apparently somewhat confused.:rolleyes:


Coal Shoveler
For my Transition Era, time stops at 2 Mar 70. That's the date that the BN was created.

For modern, it's pretty much current day. I run some steam and older diesels, but those are historical society/fan trip stuff.

As an aside, since OHCR just bought NKP 763, that gives me an excuse to buy another P2K Van Sweringen Berk!




Running the MC & Buffalo
Well lets see The Model City & Buffalo existed long time ago in the 1800's . But i run the 50' through the 70's which alows me to run steam and diesel . But I will run anything straight thru the present if something fancies me !!!

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