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Okay, we had a pretty decent thread going over on the Railroad Forum, lets see if we can get it going here...

My loco roster is pretty limited:

Atlas GP38 (Buffalo & Pittsburgh #2000) in service
Athearn SW1500 (Southern Pacific) boxed
Athearn C44-9W (Southern Pacific) boxed
Athearn C44-9W (dmy) (Southern Pacific) boxed
Spectrum GP30 (Union Pacific) boxed
AHM LRV (Muni) boxed
Athearn U28C (undec) boxed

When you have a 2x10 layout, one engine pretty much handles the load.
01-Corning, Congo and Monday Creek #10, yellow P2k S1
02-Corning, Congo and Monday Creek #12, blue and yellow P2K S1
03-Conrail Athern (?) U28C in PC black
04-Conrail Stewart C630 in PC black
05-Conrail Stewart C630 in PC black, unnumbered
06-PRR Stewart C630
07-Zanesville and Powhaten Blue and Yellow Athern Sd40t-2 (out of service)
08-LV Stewart C628 Cornell Red #633
I have too many engines to list. About 60 Diesels & 5 Steams. I don't have enough space to even store them on the layout. They are kato's, Stewart, Con-Cor, Bachmann,
Athearn, Life Like & about 10 other mfg'ers. I have engines from just about every road old & new. Some day I'll try to list everything after I retire again. LOL
Sure is nice to see you back Larry. I was very worried about your layout when I heard Arcadia got hit by Charley. Too bad about all of your trees but at least you and Donna are safe and have no major building damages.
Mine seems to be a case of the Incredible Shrinking Roster. I keep finding myself in situations where I need to ‘divest myself of excess inventory,’ or, sell off the models that don’t fit the final scheme. My interests in railroads are too varied both in time and in location, so I have chosen to go with a ‘multiple era’ approach where different eras and locations will be represented on the soon-to-be-designed layout by the vehicles, billboards and of course, the trains.

The three distinct time periods that most interest me are the early 80s, around the time I got a bicycle which allowed me to cruise up to the tracks near my house; the early 90s, when I first got a car and could cruise up to the tracks that weren’t anywhere near my house; and the late 90s, when I worked around the BNSF on their Alliance IMF construction project.

The locations I’m interested in are pretty spread out, too. My hometown of Fort Worth, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia, where I went to college; Southwestern Colorado, where I lived until recently; and Bottineau, North Dakota, where most of my family lives.

Anyway, this is a bit beyond the scope of the original question, but in lieu of very many locomotives to list, here’s my answer in the form of a pictorial gallery. It’s not quite up to date, but it’s close enough.

Norfolk & Western, Southern and Norfolk Southern models:

Burlington Northern and Santa Fe models:

BNSF and UP models:

Helm Leasing SD45-2 HLCX 914 (under construction):

Electro-Motive Division Leasing EMDX GP38-2 #765 and
Burlington Northern GP38X #2175:

Norfolk Southern SD50 no. 6525 and SD60 nos. 6647 & 6665:

Bottineau, North Dakota grain train (table with links at the bottom of the page):

Compared to my roster of a few years ago, this is pretty small. But, maybe it’s just quality vs. quantity. I keep telling myself that, but I sure miss some of those models!
Well, you guys put me to shame, but I have to start somewhere, right? I have just one loco that came with the LGB starter set I bought secondhand. Phase 1 of my layout is limited by 5-foot diameter curves, so anything larger will have to wait until I negotiate for more space from The Husband who's more into plants than trains.
All are HO:

CP unk / GM-EMD GP38 / Atlas (To be converted to a W&P GP39-2)
SP 5100 / GE 70 Ton / Spectrum
SP&S 68 / Alco-GE RS3 / Atlas
SP&S 79 / Alco-GE RS3 / Atlas
SP&S 308 / Alco Products C424 / Atlas
WP 3508 / GM-EMD GP40 / Atlas

Like with Brian, I'm going to be very interested in seeing your GP39-2 conversion. You are starting with the same locomotive I am - I plan on trying to duplicate the McMinnville, due to the location of the headlights (and the possibiltiy of minimal repainting).

Think you could do a Jon Grant and take lots of photos of the conversion?
Possibly. Brian will be doing most of the heavy lifting, since it used to be his GP-38. I traded him my two Athearn 39-2 conversions, which he also did, for the CP GP-38 as a basis. Although that's a step back in my roster size, it means the engine will be a great runner and easy to DCC. (I LOVE the way Atlas engines run!)

Note, the conversion will not produce an *exact* GP39-2. But it will be reasonably in the 90-95% range. The primary things involved are:

1.) addition of anticlimber to front pilot
2.) removal of class lights
3.) addition of antenna stand on cab roof or long hood near cab roof, varying on prototype
4.) swapping of grids using an Athearn GP40-2 hatch to replace the Atlas one
5.) addition of site glass

Additionally there are three other modifications which would be required to make it "perfect" but which are impractical:

6.) correction of steps to have "deep steps" as the ATSF units had, as they were post-footboard ban
7.) correct door patterns
8.) correct size of tank

None of these are unachievable, but in my eyes they are not worth the effort. The correct doors and the steps would both require major surgery, and the correct tank would need either a new tank, or a highly modified one.
That CNW hopper was weathered with an airbrush. Nothing fancy, just some grimy brown paint. The graffiti was painted with a small brush and Testors paints from some photos I saw on the internet. After painting that hopper, I'm jealous of the guys who can print their own graffiti onto decal paper!
Well there's no way I can list them all, a lot from train sets are junk in my opinion, however there is some good junk :D I'll use.

Completed Roster:

MLW C630M Kitbash CB&CNS # 2032 MF-30b Lord Byron
MLW C630M Kitbash CB&CNS # 2034 MF-30b Sir Conan Doyle
MLW C630M Kitbash CB&CNS #2035 MF-30b Sir Walter Scott
MLW C630M Kitbash CB&CNS #2039 MF-30b William Dunbar

Construction Ready to Paint

MLW C630M Kitbash CB&CNS #2003 MF-30b John Galt
MLW C630M Kitbash CB&CNS #2038 MF-30b Stephen Vallis
MLW RS18 Kitbash CB&CNS # not decided MR-18b not decided
GP18 Athearn Modified " 4700 Gerard MacNeil

I guess that is the end for this post, Limit reached
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LOL, maybe it was just me being in a rush, don't know but maybe if I had just kept typing it would have kept going, I have a load more so I'll give it a try later
Cheers Willis

4 Athearn GN U33C's +
4 Tyco Var. Road names C420's + = 4 MLW C630M's
4 Tyco " " " C630's +

1 Athearn SP U33C +
1 Tyco Chessie C630 + = 1 MLW C636
1 Tyco BN C430 +

1 Athearn SP SD40T-2 not sure what I'll do with this one
1 Athearn undec SD9 odd ball for my CB&CNS

1 Athearn CN F7A +
1 Lionel CN FA-1 + = Repowered CN FA-1

1 Athearn undec F7A +
1 Bachmann CN F7A + = F7A Better body Athearn

2 Athearn CN GP7's +
2 Lifelike stripped RS11 + = 2 MLW RS18 # not decided yet

1 Trainline CN North America GP9
1 Athearn CN noodle GP7
1 Athearn CN Zebra GP7


Bachmann 2-8-0 Canadian Pacific
2 " 2-8-2 Union Pacific
" 2-10-4 S.F.
" 4-8-4 NYC ( Niagra)

Lionel 4-8-4 SP Daylight

Better Junk

2 Lionel FA-1 CN
1 " GP30 CP
1 Tyco C420 CN Mint
1 Tyco C630 SF Mint


Many old Life Like train sets not worth mentioning some Cox locos ect
If ya decide to get rid of this one, I might be interested in buying it.

Oh! Oh! sorry, I gave the wrong impression there, should have said " dont quite know where it will fit in." Kind of like the SD9, to the best of my knowledge and research the SD9 was never used in Canada, and they would certainly not use a tunnel motor in the Maritimes. However the CB&CNS is a Rail America road, was formerly Railtex. We now have a lot of strays up here which makes it kind of interesting and there are more with other roadnames. Both the SD9 and the SD40T are new in box, and will be used to represent arrivals from the US.

Cheers Willis
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Well theres a bright side to this, if you had pay the Canada Postage it would be cheaper to go down to the LHS and get one. One reason I quit selling on eBay, the Post Office was making more on my stuff than I was. Something wrong there.

Cheers Willis
Hmmm! there were two of them so homely + Homely = ugly, yep sure nuff :D anyway I believe they were scrapped before the CB&CNS was cited for an unsightly premises, didn't last too long on the grades around here.

Cheers Willis

PS: you mean someone (ATSF) actually wanted credit for that butchering job?

Scrap line can be found here; 2160 and 2176 are at the far right
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Loco Rosters eh?
Well interesting topic I think. A year ago after my family had our scare with the rash of hurricanes we have had here in FL. I chose to do a full inventory of my precious little "gems" that have accumulated over the last say 20 years or more. (starting with my 1st HO trainset I received on the Christmas in 1974) The thoughts of countless times of acquiring and purging of my collection really gave me something to think about durring the hurricane seasons. Plenty of worries. I had to devise many plans and preventive measures and other types of so called insurance into protecting my collection. So I started with an actual physical inventory using the MS Excel spread sheet. I started with one category for a rough draft. I wanted to include as much information I could yet trying to keep it simple too. For example I would create individual sheets for Locomotive... Diesels and Steam. Now bear with me. There a lot different ways to do this and I want to stress that I am offering ideas for you to track your inventory or Roster. I am a Union Pacific modeler in HO scale I do have other various road names but I keep that to a minimal. Most are active on my rosters others are retired and are on static display. (even 2 or 3 are in scrap yard for maintaining other locos) So back on track lol...I would start in the "diesel category". I would list the following across the top of the page for "Index information".

1. Road Number
2. Road Name
3. Engine Manufacture (emd, alco, etc)
4. Engine Type (Dl-109, SD40, EMD SD90MAC43... etc)
5. Throttle (this is for my DCC Command info I key in the address # I do not yet have a newer DCC controler mine is the old MRC Command 2000 console)
6. Model Manufacturer (Atlas, Proto, Kato, etc)
7. Comments (will include color, detail, weathering, dummy unit, etc)
8. Active duty or Retired
9. Decoder type
10. Market Value if possible
11. What I paid for it
12. Extra (this has not been done yet...I want to include in my cells a icon that kicks out a picture of the actual unit)

Anyways guys I have looked around for software for that kind of thing but I produced my own method instead and thought to share ideas. I have done this with every loco and rolling stock I own in this same fashion. Although with my rolling stock I went as far as adding info such as metal wheels added or not, kadee couplers added or not, weighted to NMRA standards or not, etc. The options are limitless. The biggest thing for me is having all of my collection inventoried or listed on a roster and next will be getting a photo of each piece. I have been very adamant on updating as I obtain "new" equipment to my inventory or purging out the "old" equipment info to another page stating what I did with that equipment...sold or trade for or on loan etc.

I would like to hear everyones thoughts or comments. As for adding my roster on this well that is too much but I have 62 diesel locos, 6 steam, 26passenger cars, 22 MOW, 174 freight cars, 24 caboose, 47 retired or on static display pieces. As for structures I have not gotten that far yet. LOL.

At some point it I will devise a way to take this info and incorporate it in to waybills and train manifest as well. Thats the idea wheels talking! lol

Have fun with your roster!

James, Welcome, and thanks for the great ideas! I'd add a couple of columns since my trains are narrow gauge steam from years gone by, but you've given me a great way to creat an inventory. And better yet, I'll be inspired to research the era and history of my little "toy trains."