What ThinkYe?


A friend of mine is giving up being a logger and wants to move into the 60s.
His druthers is he wants a unique roster..My thoughts went to the GB&W(Green Bay & Western) all Alco roster and suggested using RS2s,RS3,RS11s,RS27s,RS32s and maybe C424s or C425s.As yard switchers I suggested S2s or S4s or perhaps a RS1.

I also suggest he may want to consider using FM H16-44s.

Since he hasn't made any firm decisions I thought I would get some forum input for his consideration.
Well! (as Jack Benny would say) I think it's a great idea, although with a fleet of of odd balls myself, and with more planned, I may be somewhat biased. I seem to recall way back (90's like) there was a lengthy article on the Green Bay & Western RR, spread out over several issues that also included the Ferries. I thought it would be a very interesting road to model, especially if you had a lot of room. Great idea! (PS: I hope he will post it here!)
Chip,I help my buddy pick out his shays years ago..All are United brass Class B2 Truck Shays.
Also he knows very little about the types of diesel locomotive models that are available.
I am a EMD man and that would be my choice but,he wants a unique roster.
I am asking for outside input so I can help Ken.
Ken will make the final decision...

Thanks for your input..
As a follow up he decided to go with RS3,RS11s and RS32s as road power and S4s as yard power.

Thanks to all that replied.
An all Alco Fleet would certainly be interesting. Lots of variety while at the same time restricting, so that one wouldn't go crazy buying other stuff.
while at the same time restricting, so that one wouldn't go crazy buying other stuff.
You just have to be kidding! :D

And theres 2 drawers of other locos a lot still in boxes and 3 large drawers full of ft. cars. But then again maybe it was before Alco's that I got those ;)