What Railroad, era, and location???

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Just curious, What railroad, era, and general location do you model??

I do not have a layout yet, but when I get one started, These are my layouts stats:

Railroad; I will be modelling the Indiana Harbor Belts line from Blue Island yard to Norpaul yard, in the Chicago area.

Era; I will try to model two different era's Present, and mid to late 70's. I have equipment for both.

Location; The IHB is in Chicago.

So, What are all of you modelling???


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
HO scale

Union Pacific

no real particular era because I freelance that part. I like to run the o'l steamers and the 1st, 2nd ...and well the latest generation diesels.

Area Mid to Mid West and am working on plans for Arkansas area Little Rock Jenks shop etc. All in progress which could change along the way still. Hey its my world empire!:D

I also have a few of the UP fallen flags on my roster. SP, DRGW, CNW, RI, and MOPAC.


Diesel Detail Freak
HO, BNSF & UP (Amtrak & Metrolink too), always Modern, on Cajon pass, from San Bernardino to Barstow.


I Model CP and my freelance road the SWORR (Southwestern Ontario) and a little CN, VIA and CSX. I also model our local road the Essex Terminal (ETR).

I don't currently have my own layout, but I plan to model the Windsor/Detroit to Toronto area as well as an area inspired by Thunder Bay Ont. The Era will be an alternate 2006 where the SWORR controls the tracks between Windsor/Detroit and Toronto serving as a high speed intermodal corridor interchanging with CP, CN, CSX and NS. The Thunder Bay portion will be CP and CN. Big dreams, I know!


In HO scale I model CSX in the mid 1990's through the early 2000's. I currently don't have an HO layout but I run my trains at the local model railroad club. In N scale I model Conrail in the 80's and 90's in the northeast (My layout is not really set in any particular area).


New Member
Rio Grande Northern

Fictious Rio Grande Northern, HO standard gauge into Creede Colorado from Durango, CO in multiple eras 1890s, 1900, 1920, 1930s using multiple buildgings, backdrops and equipment. Stretching shelf railroading in a limited space. (32 sq ft currently)
Mike P ALB, NM


Lazy Daydreamer
Mid-90's to 2001 CSX, on a fictional northeast Ohio shortline (the Iron Belt) that they recently acquired. Several locos are still in orange-and-black IB livery, and appear in consists with my CSX motive power. A freight* road, with a steel mill at one end and a coal mine at the other. Also handles overflow 'bridge' traffic for Conrail.

I'm trying to setup my layout to swap out structures so I can also run late-1960's B&O stuff, which I still have in abundance.

* I also run a few short commuter trains since thats what my 8yr-old daughter loves, gotta do what I can to keep the family involved!:D


Layout name: Blue Creek & Warrior RW
Scale: HO,
Control: DCC Digitrax
Size: Garage
Bench: Open Grid
Track: Atlas flex code 83
Turnouts: Walthers Shinohara, Atlas
ERA: Transitional '50s, Steam/Diesel
Locale: Southern Appalachians
Theme: Freelance
Scenery: Mountains, flatlands, city, industrial
Roads: Southern, GM&O, L&N, N&W, BC&W
Fun: Priceless;) :D


New Member
I 'model' the early days of Conrail in the upper Ohio River valley around Mingo Jct OH. By model, I mean collect appropriate rolling stock, mainly big alcos, ore jennies/hoppers and coal hoppers. I have to run on a club, as I don't have a layout, and probably won't any time soon. For now though, I am running locos appropriate to 1976-77 and rolling stock from 1976-1982. HO scale. I have been adding details to some of my engines so far, and adding the appropriate paint details to my rolling stock (wheel marks, COTS plates, etc)

Steve B

I model the Burlington Northern on a totally made up location i call the Yarrow Valley sub division, it's a secondary line with short (ish) trains due to the layout's size of 18' x 9' . It's loosley based on the late 1980's to early
90's Pre-merger with the Santa Fe


Running the MC & Buffalo
I model a fictional line which once existed .Buffalo to Model City New York , Mostly Buffalo Southerns And New York Centrals, form the forties to the 70's But at Times will run whatever sooths my fancy!


Avid People Watcher
Madison Central of Wisconsin

"Route of the MadCoW"

Scale: HO

Railroads: CNW, M.C.o.W.


Benchwork: Wood frame, Extruded styrofoam base

Scenery/Locale: Mid-Western, South-Central Wisconsin-Granger Road

Track: Atlas Code 83 flex

Turnouts: #4,#6.#8-Atlas

Control: Digitrax DCC


Language: Broken, dirty english on a bad day


Wiley Old Dog
Scale: HO.

Railroad: Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe.

Era: Early 1950's (1953-1954).

Scenery/Locale: Desert-Scrub/Northern Arizona along side Route 66



Steve B

Johnny, i had a copy of the video you did to the tune of "the union pacific doing 90 mph" but i lost it on my old PC, do you still have it as my kid's love it


Railroading Fan~Gator Fan
Scale: HO
Layout Size: 12' x 20' double decker
Control: Digitrax
Max grade: 2%
Locale: Murphy Branch of the Southern RY in western North Carolina.
Era: Late spring/early summer in the early fifties. Steam and Diesel
Railroads: Southern, N&W, C&O, L&N and whatever else wants to pass though!
(There have even been reports of a NYC Hudson:eek: But I don't believe it.)

Good luck, Dave


The Rock Island and MKT, mid 70's-late 80's some big city somewhere in the mid-west ie; chicago,kansas-city layout is 11x14 around the walls.


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
GatorDave, with a 2% max grade, it sounds like your layout is flatter than the prototype!

I model in HO two primary locations: Fort Worth, Texas and Bottineau, North Dakota. The era is a little flexible on the Fort Worth side, ranging from the mid 80s to the early 90s. The era on the Bottineau side is much more specific: the last week of July, 1991. The locations pretty much define the railroads modeled, with BN in North Dakota and Mopac, Katy, SSW, Santa Fe, UP, and BN/Frisco being the major players in Fort Worth. NS stuff shows up in Fort Worth, too, along with CN and IC, so anything is possible.

I have a soft spot for N&W, Southern, NS, Clinchfield and SCL, so even though I don't have any plans for modeling the deep south, I've managed to accumulate a substantial collection of those models. It's a little excessive to think of it all as run-through power, but southern roads have too much character not to model one of everything I saw when I lived in Georgia!


Master Mechanic
Southern Railway, HO
Central Alabama, 1949
Also have a fictional road that I model that allows me to use engines I like that the SRR never had.

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