What makes it a Super 7

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Providence and Worcester has several B23-7 in service. Two the 2215 and 2216 are considered a Super 7 with the designation B23-7R. What is the difference between the two?


To me the 2215 and 2216 look more like a B39-8 or B40-8.
Yeah, the other two do look more like Dash 8s than Dash 7s... They were definitely rebuilt, as the description says they were rebuilt from a couple of WP engines.
Most of the body looks completely reshopped. Maybe the road did some "kitbashing" with some crashed engines or something.

Honestly, I don't know what's up with these engines, but they're kind of cool.
Why do you ask?
Honestly, I don't know what's up with these engines, but they're kind of cool.
Why do you ask?
Several reasons. One I live in a town that has a yard and engine house in it and I am a big fan of the P&W. Wich brings me to #2. I am modeling this Line in a future layout and I am at this point building my fleet. As you have seen these don't look like your ordinary B23 so I am just trying to figure out what they are. Maybe a little more investigation is in order.


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From everything I read they just mention that they used dash-8 components.
Best info is googling GE Super 7 locomotive and also U23 Locomotive.

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Super 7's are a Dash 7 or U boat rebuilt with Dash 8 EFI FDL-16's, new electrical equipment, refurbished cabs, and rebuilt cooling systems.


P&W's Super 7's are rebuilt U23 B's. They do however look VERY similar to Dash 8-40 Bs and Dash 8-39 B's but the trucks, vents,cab, and engine components are different. If you look close they have EMD type trucks. Also on top of the cab is an AC unit (if im not mistaken, and that makes the 2215 and 2216 the only P&W locos to have AC units like that). And where the cab meets the long hood, it slopes downwords, where it then meets up with a smaller version of the (what I call) "hammer head" vent. All in all, the Super 7s are more like baby brothers to the Dash 8-40's and 39's. They only produce about 3000 HP where the Dash 8-40s produce 4,000HP and the 39's produce 3,900 HP. I absolutely love the Super 7's but sadly the P&W Super 7's are teh most problematic locomotives they operate. One broke down this weekend (axel problems) then shortly after the second one broke down also (as far as i know) :rolleyes:

By the way, I model P&W too, and there has never been a model of a Super 7 made by any model manufacturer, so youd have to kitbash if you want the 2215 and 2216.

Awesome locos none the less tho, in my opinion.:cool:

hope this helps (along with everyone elses responces)

-Nate Lafond

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