what is your favorite engine

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I really like the CF7, something about it just makes it so cool. I don't know if I can say that it is my only favorite though.
Heres two photos of a real CF7 idling on the Santa Cruz & Big Trees scenic RR. I have a few more if anyone is interested.



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The U-3-b of course. Here is a real one, but I have three in brass. The photo is mislabeled as a U-3-c, but it is a damn nice photo.



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Well I kind of like the MLW Locos, There'd only be a few if any left today. So here's my top two choices the MLW C630
and the MLW RS18

I haven't run the steamers yet so who knows what will be my favorites this time next year. :D


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Diesel : Alco RS-2 (a close 2nd SD90/43MAC & a close 3rd SD40-2T by DRG & SP)

Turbines : the Big Blows

Steam : Alco Big Boy 4-8-8-4 (a close 2nd is Union Pacific's streamlined Pacific 4-6-2 No. 2906 the Forty Niner & a close 3rd the 4-12-2 UP #s9000-9014)
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Big DOG,

Yes, I am a HUGE fan of ALCO S series switchers ( S1 through S6 ).

I didn't list them because I was being more "modern". Besides, I already have a couple of Atlas S2's. LOL.


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Probably the Dash 9, because that has always been one of my favorites when I first got into the hobby and it got me into GE locomotives. But the AC4400 would be a close runner up.



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for me it is GE 44 tonners MLW S13 and RS23's but for steam I like the climax and shays not to mention that nice mallet of Ray's. Ron

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grande guy
Tough to nail one down so I say
1. First generation F9.
2. Second generation SD40T-2
3. Third generation GP60

And like my favorite railroad EMDs all the way:D


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If you were given a choice of only 1 engine body style but could have as many as you want what would it be?
post a pic as I am not great with engine names just looks

mine is the Alco RS 3
By the way, its been only a month now and I think I've changed my favorite to the early Alco RS series as well, and I think the RS-3 is my top choice.

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