What I did on my LLLoonngg weekend


Maytag "Danged Agitator"
No model RRing untill this honey do project is completed. Work long and hard all weekend well for the last month it has been in progress and still lots more to do. This first set of photos show demolition in progress
Now the wiring is complete and the drywall bdeing applied.
The first photo is the where the old closet was, 2nd old closet with the new drywall and 3rd new closet with drywall
Glendia's favorite photo so far the new ceiling fan BUT she os not sure about the halogen light. We will just have to wait till dark to see how much light we have
I think your Honey-Do project entitles you to an excuse from modeling for now! :D It looks great, Larry, and I'll bet Glendia is pleased and getting excited about seeing it finished. I'm jealous, though! TH made "No Honey-Dos That Involve Moving Walls or Windows" part of our marriage vows, and he's stuck to 'em for almost 49 years now.