What have you been working on lately?

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Gandy Dancer
No one has posted anything under this topic since October. Is everyone doing the same as me?

Here's a picture of my latest project:
This one.jpg

That's right- nada, zippo, nothing.


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Christmas has taken up all my time and now dismantling Christmas is keeping me busy. From 2 weeks before Halloween to the end of January it's holiday cheer and chores.


One of several low-impact post-Xmas projects -- an Accurail NP combo door box

Cast stirrups replaced with A Line, underframe and trucks painted, Kadee wheels and couplers, roof weathered, ACI label added.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
I had been preparing the empire for a home layout tour of the James River Division of the NMRA this past Saturday. I had some scenery work I wanted to finish and then all last week was cleaning up the basement and setting up the operations. I had several operators to run trains and my daughter to greet people upstairs.
Had a good turnout, lots of good questions and the trains ran well.


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Nice work JWB! Low impact is a great idea for after Christmas.

Hey Ken, how about another virtual tour for those of us who don't travel well. I always enjoy your videos. I have to warn you; I have been doing better and better! I went to the B&O Museum and I did great! They have lots of benches for many breaks. I may be taking you up on your offer for me to visit! :)
Taking apart my layout and packing it up. My wants it done by this weekend.in some ways a bigger job than putting up. Want to have it all box safe and marked so i know what in what box when i rebuild in a new place.

Jim 68cuda

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I thought I would be getting a lot of work done on my layout this winter. So far it hasn't happened. A couple buddies convinced me I needed to revive an old car that had been sitting dormant in my driveway for seven years. We got the car running great, but now instead of working on the layout, I am focused on getting the car ready to go into the body shop to repair some rust in the rear quarters and for a fresh paint job on the exterior. Still I hope to get some work done on the layout next month. My goal is to finish wiring the turnouts and start on the scenery on my coastal village. I have been hesitating on modeling water.

. 10386313_772212189492500_2271019400921365685_n.jpg


I have spent about a month slowly laying out and building the branchline trestle and also finished the staging yard.


Whiskey Merchant
Trying to get work don on this town. Finally got some trees made and set in place but ran out of materials for foliage. Thought I had enough, but there I go thinking again.



Gandy Dancer
Hmmm, maybe I need to do something on my layout. I have walked by it a few times in the last quarter.


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Here is my big project, I should finish it in a few days:

Here is what I started with:
backdrop2 001.jpg

backdrop13 002.jpg

I added scenery to the back and side:

aa project 019.jpg

Finished off a hill:

Backdrop4 006.jpg

The whole thing is coming together this weekend! Stay posted!


Hmmm, maybe I need to do something on my layout. I have walked by it a few times in the last quarter.
About what I have been doing lately. I did finally operate it the other day after weeks of neglect.

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