Whaaaaaahhh! I just want to run trains!

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Back in December, I took my layout apart to build up the landscape to be higher in relation to the track. I also added staging. It took a long time to build it up and I decided to do a few things while I had the layout bare. Now life is getting in the way with moving my business to a new smaller location. My basement and garage and house are full of junk and I have to sort that out. I've started school to become a Naturopthic Doctor and that is taking time. Suddenly, what I thought was a few more days until the trains run is looking like months.

I just want to run some trains?


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I have not run tains on my mainline for 4 MONTHS due to the new elevations I have added to my city. Just like you life got in the way.


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Chip at least you've got the club layout? I have run my loco's up and down the wee switching layout I built but it's just not the same. My local club is full of d*****ads so I'll stay away!!



I have the reverse problem. Benchwork built and most track laid in temporary fashion while figuring out some things. NOW I don't want to take the temp track off because I know it'll be a good long time before getting permanent track laid 'cause it'll interupt running trains.
I just gotta bite the bullet, hide the locos and get on with it..


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Chip, there is evidentally a lot of this going around..... I also haven't been able to run a train for the last couple fo months as my mainline is covered to be able to do some major scenery work. This too shall change. You will be up and running trains again someday (hopefully soon)!


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Chip, there are times a person can not run trains, you just have to accept that fact and get on with it. Time and tide wait for no man, but evidently work will wait, this has been proved as is evident in the photos, so you just have to get on with it like I didn't



Willis :D


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I too am in a situation where the Hobby is more 'work' than 'play', and I'd love to be able to get things done alot faster on my layout - but trains are NOT the center of my universe and the large number of additional family commitments I've been saddled with remind me of that, big time!

At least look on the bright side, this shows that you indeed have that very thing which I remember you saying before that you didn't have: a Life!;)
Well hate to be the salt in the wound but I got out all of my rolling stock ( don't have much) and ran a 35 car train yesterday with my new Proto 2000 2-8-8-2.
I finshed my mainline a couple of weeks ago, started laying out my steam facilities. It will be exciting to finally get to the turntable! Once I complete this section I can tie in my freight yard and finish up my industry leads. Might have everything complete by summer.


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Well, I have got all my turnouts ballasted and all that it left is about 25 feet of mainline.

Then I can start my topography.


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Yeah, I kinda got uninspired over the last couple months, and my track hasn't been the same since I put up insulation in the attic (I had to cut plasterboard)... so I haven't been running trains either. But I seem to be getting back into it, so it'll be interesting to see if I can get something rolling in the next week or two.

The sections I'm working on, I really don't want anything rolling through.... messy.

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