Weekly Photo Phun 02/06/15 - 02/13/15

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A little weathering with some artists lamp black pastel on early Proto 2000 PA1's

Rubbed in with a stiff cut down small round brush and on the roof, spread out with a soft, long haired brush, and dullcoated. I lifted the dynamic fan grilles with a pointed hobby knife, dirtied the fans with an emphasis on the blades leading edges and re-attached the grilles with tacky glue.


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Nice shots of the heritage units, guys. Everybody else: great photos from you.

I completed this Mather Stock Car from a Proto 200 kit I had on my "to do list" for several years. (GN stick car coupled to switcher) ...

I found an easy way to remove the fragile detail parts from sprues. I heated my number 11 Xacto blade with a soldering iron. Then it was easy to slice through the parts gates. I installed all of the brake rigging without breaking any of the parts. I was not so lucky with the tiny little grab irons. I cut them off the sprues okay without breaking them, but then they would break trying to install them in holes in the car. I drilled larger holes for a few of them, and I still broke them. Next, I made all 36 grab irons from brass wire.

These are very nicely detailed kits, but like you mentioned, it is hard to get the tiny parts off of the sprues. I have a few of them on my layout and the finished product looks great. Moving cattle is an important deal on my layout set in a more rural area. I like the cars a lot and found that I have a couple of them on a shelf unbuilt along with a few of the Walthers stock cars. Maybe I'll get around to putting them together some day.

Nice build.


Thanks for the posts. I,ve not done a thread about my layout, but here,s a view from a different angle. The front loco is one of my latest buys, a Kato Dash 9.



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Looks great, specially the rock wall, not sure I'd want that view If I were an engineer though. :eek:


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Great looking rocks Ron, and awesome job on the track and ballast!
So guys it's time for a new WPF... Who's going to start us off?

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