WEEKEND Photo fun, Sept 01 06

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Steve B

WEEKLONG Photo fun, Sept 01 - 10th

Let's have some great shot's everyone;),,
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Steve B

This weekend these loco's are coming my way so hopefully i'll get some good pic's,,, not bad for one weekend.
5690 is a Stanier three cylinder Jubilee class 4-6-0

and below is 5690 same time last year near home

48151 is a Stanier 8F freight 2-8-0 engine

71000 is a BR standard class 8 4-6-2 three cylinder machine

and some Diesel fun
This is a class 60 loco leaving Preston docks with an empty oil tank train, not the best looking loco's in the world but they are powerfull with over 100 thousand lbs of tractive effort available

Steve B

Here's the start of a future project, it's an old central heating vent cover with very convinient HO scale office block window openings, it's going to get chopped about a bit and get dark plexiglass windows, should be a fun project


And another little job was fitting white LED headlamps into the childrens trains, this is one of our class 47's made by Lima
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Diesel Detail Freak
Here's some new locomotive pics. I got BNSF #638 in the mail this past week. Its an Athearn RTR engine, I like how they weathered the vents for you.

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Great pics, guys. I hope to have some new shots tomorrow.

Steve, That's a cool idea for a building. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Josh, We've got an Atlas late model GE dummy unit in BNSF punkin paint. It's a train show special we've had forever and needs new center wheels on each truck and some detailing. The paint looks great. If you want it, send me a PM, the price is right. ;)

Steve B

JoshThat's a very smart loco you got there

Well we went out but the weathers very bad with very heavy rain so we only saw the first train, 5690, i didn't fancy driving an hour and half in those conditions to see the second train.
Here's 5690 speeding through Leyland station, it was the only place local with a shelter

and here is a video clip taken in heavy rain of the train climbing up grade in Cumbria, it's don burgess's video off his web site http://www.burgess57.freeserve.co.uk/5690_2_9.WMV

If you havn't seen dons web site take a look, it's got some great shots which are updated every day by him
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Active Member
Unfortunately , I only have some "oldies" to share at the moment. :(
I’m presently rebuilding a large portion of my layout and It will be a while
before tracks and scenery are in place again. I did keep a portion of my
[now -older-] layout to run trains however.

When I have the time I’ll post some new shots.
In the meantime…

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Since I’ll be busy in the next 10 days or so I might as well post
a bit more pictures then usual. Unless you guys think I’m going
overboard with my oldies…





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my first attempt at weathering ....a long time ago




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I think I'll stop here...Hope it wasn't too much.



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Never too much for me. You have some very nice scenes, and your weathering looked just what one might find tucked away in a yard. Nice work.


Diesel Detail Freak
Nice pics MLW! Wish my sister's wireless was faster then dialup... Can't wait to be home again and have my 386mbps...

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Hi all. Here's a few pics from today. ARGer, Mr May, stopped by for some Platte Canyon RR operation and a little railfanning.

Made in China Chinese Red, a CB&Q P2K Geep 30.

OK, who's been messin with the chimney? :D

Roving gang of railfans.

Southbound on the CSX main.

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