Weekend Photo Fun June 3 and 4 2006

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:D This must be a first. Someone starts a photo fun WITHOUT and photo's!!!
Thanks for the laugh:) It's been such a crappy day at work so far today, I look forward to working on the layout this weekend. The weather forecast says...trainday Saturday and Sunday!

Trevor I know that feeling, sad part is I get to work tomorrow too! Boo! Oh well more funds for the layout. Look forward to seein everybody else's progress 'n pictures
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TrevorG said:
:D This must be a first. Someone starts a photo fun WITHOUT and photo's!!!
Thanks for the laugh:) .....


Alright!!, Finally I can post to the WPF Withoutphotos!! Yeahhh!!! I wonder how long we could go with this before someone ruins it with some good quality model pics?;) :D .


Steve B

Sorry Johnny, but i had to do it
were on 1ft scale at the moment as i can't do any modelling because of other stuff
Tommorow both of these fine loco's are on the main line on fan trips
Below is Pacific 6201 "Princess Elizabeth"


and on the left is Pacific 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" which is coming past three weekends in june, 6201 is on the far right of this pic

Below is 6201 last summer near our house

And 20 yes 20 minuets behind 6201 was 5690, you can't have to much steam:D

one for the garden railroaders, this is at Worden park in Leyland Lanc's it's duel gauge track with both 5" and 7 1/4"

and just one more shot of 6233 last year seen here accelerating away from a red light with the owners support coach in tow back to it's home in Derby
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Really nice pix's, Steve. I can't think of anything more exciting than seeing a Steamer rolling down the rails with all it's mechanics moving, the steam hissing, and the smoke billowing. Much more interesting than Diesels. :eek: Oops! Please, I'm not trying to start a feud. Just old memories kicking in.:D


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Steve, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!! I love those British steamers. They were very smart to preserve them! I will be back tomorrow with some (little) progress on the S. L. O. & W.

Steve B

Well here is the first one we saw today, it's 6233 going at speed so only got 1 picture, due to engineering work it was 30 min's late so we could not make it to see 6201,,, more of 6233 later on it's return

This is a pair of class 67's passing with a very short train of four van's,,, what a great sunny day it is



Josh, how about this "rail-bank"? This is a now abandoned track that once led to the lowlands through a mountain tunnel. The tunnel had to be closed because of a ceiling collapse that almost wrecked a passenger train. The BC&W RW is now sealing off the tunnel entrance and photos will be posted in about a week. Not to worry about train service as several railroads pooled their resources and cut a new tunnel that you can see already in use by a Challenger.


A shot from a little higher elevation.
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Steve B

Rex that old abandoned track gives the layout a sense passing time, nice job

we went out again tonight for another dose of steam, we went to a place just outside our home town about 15 min's drive, we only just made it due to the kid's playing up at the dinner table
here's 6233 heading south for home, i didn't quite make it to the "good" photographic spot so it had to be a quick on the horizon shot but i like it


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Steve You're the MAN! LOVE the Marron & Gold EWS units, know the heritage of the paint scheme!? :D ;) (hint, CN "killed em")...
Rex Thats AWSOME! Love the looks of that. I'm tempted to try to get one in somewhere, but I don't think Cajon has any, lol


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Decided to do a litte write-up on my newly weathered Corn Products covered hoppers:

Very nice article on the weathering.. I hope to get that good at weathering my rolling stock.. hopefully I'll have quite a few to practice on and maybe eventually get that good.. Awesome job

Steve B

Josh way back in 1995'ish Wisconsin Central bought out several companies in the UK and introduced the WC paint scheme and very nice it look's to, WC no longer own EWS but the colours have been kept by the new owners.

Here are two video clips from yesterdays steam trips, TURN UP THE VOLUME
they were taken by Don Burgess
this is 6233 on the west coast main line, the wisp of steam from the tender is the coal pusher
and this is 6201 a few miles east on the Settle to Carlisle line

This is Don's website with more clips and pics
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grande man

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Fantastic pics as usual.:cool:

Steve, that steam is an inspiration! Why we didn't preserve more steamers is a mystery to me. I guess their scrap value exceeded their historical worth to shortsighted RR management. :(

I'm still working on night shots but still haven't come up with a consistent technique. I'll keep at it. Here's a couple of the latest.



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