Weekend Photo Fun 4/20-22

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Well, it's not a photo but it sure was fun. My son and I were running some trains on the small 4'x4' layout my daughter and I built. Of course it was Thomas. I wish I had the camera going when the engine first took off this day because it was great how excited he was jumping around. I started the basics of teaching him a regular DC throttle. I looks like he put rocket fuel in Thomas the way he's zooming around.

Here's the video Aidan and Thomas video
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Well, as Rex said in the coffee shop, we had a formal op- session at his place Sat. and boy was it fun! Got a few photos to blackma...er brag about, yeah thats it, brag about, on the session.

The guys present besides Rex and I were WC&Wbrasshat,(Glenn), L&NCastle, (William), and Scott. This was Scott's first formal session, and I know that he had a blast!!:D

Ok! on to the show!

The first pic is of William rerailing, (actually doing some HOG switchin') his brand new L&N GE die-easel. Its one of them new fangled infernal cumbustin' machines!:rolleyes:

Second one is of William and Scott trying to figger out sumpin thats "wrong" wit' a turnout.:p (Like one of them ran thru it the wrong way??);)

Third one is of WC&WBH and Rex, laffin' at the mistakes everyone's makin':)

Last is a close up of Williams newest diesel. Although I not a diesel fan this particular paint scheme sure brings back a lot of memories from my growing up days!:D

We all really had a great time and just wish you all could have been there.


Fun Lover

I just went through this weekend's post and added a few pic's to my screensaver. I think it's cool to have a resource like this for my idle moments.


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Good idea Chip!

I use the screen saver from the Alabama Railfan website, (free download), and it comes with instructions on how to add pix to it for those that don't know how.

I think I'll do some of the same.

Last but not least here is a shot of one of Rex's favorite locos. This was my loco on my run Sat. at Rex's.

I sure love steam!:D


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Hi Ron, cute video of Thomas and your son, but that's what it's all about, fun


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