Weekend Photo Fun 4/20-22

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grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Hi all. It's time again. Let's see them! :cool:

I've been to busy with proto pics this week to do any model RR shots, but here's one to start. Ya'll have a Coke on me. :D

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grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
I'm going to post these in the CSX thread, but thought some of you weekenders might enjoy them too.

CSX freight blazes past the historic L&N depot in Cullman, Al.

Sweet looking little 38-2 waiting patiently for it's next run.
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He's a favorite photo of mine, harkening back to a time when steam railroading was king and folks (especially grandpas and their grandchildren) enjoyed being held up at a crossing by a speeding train and exchanging waves with its crew.




Fun Lover
First I have been talking about a RR I have been operating on. IT is owned by Roy Ward and has not missed a Weds. Night OP session in 29 years. That includes the week they switched from DC to DCC--although they were up late Tuesday night. The layout was featured in Model Railroad Planning 2006. Note the brass track.


This is a project I have been working on for the past several weeks. The model on the right is the current Train City Station. It is a Southern Pacific Station made by Suydan, and although I really like the way it looks check out the size of the doors and windows compared to the model on the left. The model on the left is a Muir Models of a DRGW station.


I'm beginning to think that the only reason to buy a craftsman kit is for the plans. The Muir kit is a wood kit that wanted you to make a lot of fancy cuts to imitate a particular station. Instead, I painted this one SP colors and left out the fancy work. Even so, the model had you piece together the wood in an impossible fashion. So I cut a piece of styrene the shape of the walls and glued the wood to it for support. At that point it would have been easier to build the whole thing out of styrene with board and baton styrene.


Anyway, there is a certain amount of bashing going on. I added the center ticket window and cupola. (Looks like the windows rotated a little while drying--darn camera.)


I also did a little painting on the backdrop. Last week it looked like this


Now it looks like this. I painted varying shades of blue up the wall. I will airbrush some white in this weekend, I hope.

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Big Changes at RJR

Well I decided I fancied a change of direction so the On30 has gone (nearly anyway) to make way for some OO British Stock. Which has overnight doubled the scale length of my layout, with 120' circuit to start with I should be able to run decent length trains. No change of track required and as its outdoor not many buildings to change. The indoor layout may need some building mods, replacements.

I havent decided on a era but may just run what I like, not ideal for the purists but I pay the bills ;)

Here are a couple of shots of my new diesel and a video of my new steamer



And the Video is here


Hope you enjoy

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Steve B

John T Happy new garden railway, there are some bargains about at the moment, best time to bid on ebay is saturday or sunday on a hot day,,, everyone's out sunning themselves,,, which is fine by me. I have sold a LOT of my American stuff and at present i'me buying lots of Bachmann and new hornby stuff. The video of the Crab is great BTW.
David That's a great water tower, the wood look's very sun bleached.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Hey, Hey, Hey! The weekend again. Nice work as always guys!

I have finished up some scenery:




I also got ballast down on the yard area:



The rest of the weekend and Monday will be spent getting ready for the "Golden Spike" inspection.
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Go make something!
MRL should have a heritage fleet and I nominate NP's A5 and the exGN F45s.
Too bad all the As got scrapped....


Lazy Daydreamer
Lots of great-looking stuff here this weekend! Wish I could participate, but I haven't done any new modeling for several weeks now (decoder installations are not very photogenic IMHO)

Eric - that Coke Express car you captured: Models of that are highly-coveted by steel modelers. Great profile shot of #2700

Chessie - that L&N GP38-2 looks fantastic!

Fine-looking 'nostalgia' shot there, NY&BW!

Josh - Tower's coming along quite nicely! I visited Barstow back in 1973, I don't think that one was built yet...

Larry - colorful paint job on that W&LE GP35 - I thought they were doing all their locos in Rio Grande Redux...

David - Great job with the rust on that water tower piping! Is that regular paint, or a special mixture?

Chip - I remember those old Suydam kits, I had their Black Bart mine when I was a teenager. Wound up putting it on the BSME layout since I didn't have a layout of my own.

Ray - nice work on that Seneca Lake farm scene!

JohnT - great video, reminds me of the ones by Don Burgess

Paul M - I like the MRL F45 alot, that line is a great 'regional' - do any of those locos ever wander off their home trackage?
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sold on sound

Great work everyone.
I went to my LHS yesterday to order my Digitrax system and heard sound for the first time. They had a few BWL engines running on the test track. Sound is now on the must have list!


Go make something!
Paul M - I like the MRL F45 alot, that line is a great 'regional' - do any of those locos ever wander off their home trackage?

They were on lease to BNSF recently but have been returned. There are only two of the four operational now. I don't think 391 is among them though.

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