Weekend photo fun 17/18/19

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Hi guys, its weekend again and this time tomorrow I will be in a caravan on my summer Hols.

At first glance my layout hasn't progressed much this week but that because I have been playing with little details.

A new bus has arrived but where is the driver...


Whats going on at the back..


There he is .


Track crew

Checking the point linkages

Finally a "homage" to my friend Lee who is a decorator.



grove den

naturally natural trees
great pictures John!

specialy the new bus: so much details and detailed. Nice scenes!
Last picture is super!



S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Oh Boy! The Weekend!

This week I got the final shape of the hillside done and plaster cloth in. I got some dirt painted on the plaster and dug the hole for the house foundation.


Almost overnight, the grass started growing. It must have been that rain we had earlier in the week!


Later today some trees and shrubs grew in the fertile dirt.....


Then.... Suddenly.... Without warning.... As if by magic, a house appeared!


Still a lot of detailing to be done, but it is getting there. Here is an overview of the area as it looks now:


So? What comes next? I'm not telling! But, here is a sneak preview of the next phase of the building of Hopewell Junction:


Great stuff here as always! I think this is my favorite thread.
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John, tack sharp photos...my compliments. The bus and the work gang are great!!!

Ray, nice photos of your handiwork. That is coming along well. I love the setting, the trees, very nice structure (!)...maybe we can get a wider shot to include the bridges before long? Good work on the gazebo.

Jeffrey, your layout looks so interesting, busy (not the bad busy, the eye-candy type of busy). Your backdrop does a really good job of adding tons of depth and perspective.

Here is my contribution. I call it "Yard work."



Dr Frankendiesel
Good Morning.

I was taking some pics on the layout and I came up with this shot.


So far, this little camera is really surprising me. I bought it on a whim, thinking that for $10 it was probably junk. Looks like I was wrong.


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I'm Baaaaaccccck! Again.

Having survived a loco derailment - 1/1 scale yesterday, I thought I would put a few full scale photos up here to share. These were taken at the Rochester and Genesee Valley RR Museum in Rush, NY (South of Rochester) during their Diesel Days Weekend yesterday.

Here is the derailment. It was their old RS1 Loco (built in 1950).


I was riding in the cab when it happened. Didn't really amount to much as it was just creeping into the yard at that point. Took about an hour to get things back up and running as it effectively shut everything down till it was cleared.

Here she is (on right) at the top of the hill near the NY Museum of Transportation also in Rush, NY.


Lets see how good y'all is. What are these contraptions?

This one they said may be the oldest one in existance (1920's????) and has been completely restored. They were showing her off to the people riding on the trains running back and forth on the tracks by the workshop. What is it?


This contraption got to where it is under its own power but hasn't been moved in years. Bet I got you on this one!!!! Hint. It was used at Eastman Kodak for many years.


BTW, these last two photos were taken in an area not open to the public. A friend and I were given a special tour by a member of the museum after a request by a MMR (the guy who inspected my layout for the Golden Spike Award a few months back). Thanks Harold!

If you are ever in the area, it is a great place to visit. They are open to the public every Sunday from May through October. More photos of my visit can be found here:

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Great Pictures eveyrbody!!!

Ray - Glad you Survived w/o a scratch..hehe Those are some really cool 1:1 scale pics!
I give up on guessin what those two items are.. way beyond my knowledge im afraid..
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Ray, I was just up there this last week visiting my wife's relatives in Avon. I never knew there was a RR museum in Rush. Next year's trip will be a lot more interesting now. Thanks!


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Ray, I was just up there this last week visiting my wife's relatives in Avon. I never knew there was a RR museum in Rush. Next year's trip will be a lot more interesting now. Thanks!

It's about 7 or 8 miles north of Avon. Just take East River Rd and turn right on 251. It will on your left. You can't miss it.


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Great set of scenes and photos of them!

Great progress! BTW what did you use for the steps?

Great scenes and shots!

Nice yard scene!

Looks like you have made some great progress!

Neat set of shots!


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I have not been able to take the time to shoot any photos or post any for the last few weeks. Hopefully I am back at it. So here we go:




P2K B&O E7A passing B&O F3A


P2K B&O E7A passing B&O F3A


Athearn RTR MDT/Lackawanna 40’ Steel Reefer passing B&O F3A


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Athearn RTR MDT/Illinois Central 40’ Steel Reefer passing B&O F3A


Athearn RTR MDT/New York Central 40’ Steel Reefer passing B&O F3A


Athearn RTR MDT/New York Central 40’ Steel Reefer passing B&O F3A


Walthers B&O Heavyweight Coach passing B&O F3A


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Walthers B&O Heavyweight Coach passing B&O F3A


Walthers B&O Heavyweight Coach passing B&O F3A

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