WEEKEND photo fun, 15 - 17th June 07

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No pictures for this one, but I received the sprogII USB decoder intrerface yesterday.

Spent two hours today adjusting CV settings on my locos via my laptop, great fun !!! Im sure I have hours more tinkering to go :)

I have been quite impressed with the decoder pro software too.


Steve B

KenWay to go Ken, look's great to me.
John You have the DCC bug for good now, your body's immune system will not be able to fend off anything DCC now
Tom, Smoke, Josh, Brent great work gent's, always enjoy your well lit pictures Tom, And the Southern re-paint look's very smart Smoke, Josh, great work, Brent the backdrop will look fantastic.
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Steve B

Thanks to Fergie and the building blocks
Here i used building blocks to raise glacier gravel high enough so OO scale stuff will go through, also i added alloy box section to the hopper supports at the base
BTW, it's the MDF base thats deformed slightley not the building




Excellent work as always guys.

Aggro - awesome weathering man. I'm going to save those shots as inspiration for weathering my own coil hoods.

Smoke - Nice to see more big modern southern units

Josh - Nice work on that GP39E. That is my favourite BN rebuild.

And here are a few shots from me...

CN 5503 is an SD50AF (or SD60F demonstrator) The shell it scratch built on a RPP chassis with athearn drive.

CP 5742 is an SD40-2 super detailed athearn

CSX 8588 is an SD50 from proto 2k, I basically only weathered that one

UP 8204 is an SD90MAC-H a kit-bashed Kato engine with a RPP H kit applied and the demo paint scheme exhibited at the EMD anniversary open house in London Ont.

All the photos were taken at the Windsor Modular Railroad Club.

grove den

naturally natural trees
On the edge of the end...(dang Iam a straggler..)

Hope it is still just in time for the WFF..(sorry Josh!)
I visited Sunday a "musem Railway" about 15 miles from me.
Now I had the chance to go!(Fathersday:D ) but only 1 1/2 hour:(
So I took some "snapshots" and was lucky to be just in time to meat the biggest steam engine they have: a Swedish steam engine from the beginning of the last century. She had a halt for only 15 minutes so I was able to make some pictures( between the crowd)
The Z.L.S.M.company restored almost everything : from arival/departure sigs to the whole stationbuilding (the midle of the last century!)with its interior
Even the roof construction in the waitingroom/restaurant! On the platform there were some very old bikes and luggage and trunks also from before WO II
Even the smell of steamengines! ( that was real!)
On the platform they placed an engine and some small coalcars they used here in the coalmines about 1000-1500 feet under the ground.
The 4th one is because i live in Holland= MILK;)
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grove den

naturally natural trees
some more

here you can see the: "railbus" It is a German dieselengine.
The "underground" loco and finaly the Swedish steam engine with the old factoryplates of the engine..

grove den

naturally natural trees
the last and hoping still in/on time..

The first one shows a car with some wheels to restore if necessary.
The next two pictures are taken inside the waitingroom and the last one does't show the driver of the "railbus":eek: But it is the back of the engine so actualy: just only 3 chatting ladies in the "back"front...:D


grove den

naturally natural trees

Cool pix Jos! That looks like fun.
Yes it was...but only for 1 1/2 hour:mad: ;)

Next year, on fathersday, I claim at least 3 hours!!:D


Steve B

The mine engine is interesting, never seen one like it before, and the steam engine is a handsome beast, Thanks Jos.

grove den

naturally natural trees
small mine engine

Steve B: The mine engine was constructed just like the big steamengines which could "store the steampreashure" in a big tank on the front of the locomotive.( don't ask how they did that:eek: ) Mostly they were used in areas where even small firesparks could lead to explosions( f.a. chem. industy) Like the loc on the picture.The engine that is shown on the platform has the same idea of construction : the big cylinders were used to store the steam preashure.


ps added a picture( http://www.mkmodelbouwstudio.nl/8200hsm-ra.jpg
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Steve B

That's clearred it up for me,,, i thought it was a strange diesel :eek:
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