WEEKEND photo fun, 15 - 17th June 07

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Southern Railway lives on
This is my Athearn C44-9W that I am painting.
From this:

to this:


WT fan

After some minor repairs (the show at the weekend!) I had to take a picture from my trestle module:

RJR Week


The paint jobs looking good Smoke.

I finished my Beast repaint as part of my outdoor layout, service crew.



I also added a bit of rolling stock to help the maintenance team


Behind the crane you canjust see the brake van that is being repainted into RJR maintenance yellow.



I, Aggro...
WT--well executed water on that module.

John- what scale is that? It looks huge!

Here some progress shots of a coil car's hoods I'm working on.




Steve B

Aggro The ONLY way i could replicate your work is to build a model from mild steel, paint and scratch it and throw it into a bucket of sea water for a year, or more. Great job
John It's a Beast allright, looks good in front of the crane, i got one of those a few week's back, the older red one made of metal, that's a beast
Wolfgang nice shot
Smoke looking good the repaint


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Great work guys!

Agrro, very good as usual:)

Here's a couple of quick snapshot from the layout...


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Great job on the loco!

Great scene!

Very interesting train!

Great weathering!

Great looking weathered boxcars!


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IHC 0-8-0 Lehigh & New England Switcher custom renumbered


Accurail Lehigh & New England Outside Truss Wood Boxcar


Accurail Reading Outside Truss Wood Boxcar


Accurail Rutland Outside Truss Wood Boxcar, custom painted and lettered with dry transfers


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Athearn New Haven 40’ Wood Boxcar custom painted and lettered with dry transfers


Athearn Southern 40’ Wood Boxcar


MDC/Roundhouse Lehigh & New England NE Caboose, custom painted and decaled


Southern Railway lives on
Here is a pic of my almost finished SD70MAC and a boxcar that I am weathering.




Diesel Detail Freak
So, I'm getting productive again. I picked up a pile of parts and only managed to buy one part I don't need immediately (added it since the part I did need was sold out).

BNSF 2750, GP39E, now all I need is the Dash 2 blower housing, and the Electrical cabinet filter box. Then I can paint!
View attachment 6693
View attachment 6694

UP 949, E9, ready to prime. I need to fabricate some snow shields, and get some more grab irons (kit was missing allot).
View attachment 6695

Schneider cab, its an International COE, taken from a Walthers wood chip truck kit, I've wanted one since they first released one, finally got one! Just needs an air dam and paint.
View attachment 6696

I picked up my P2K Conrail drop end mill gondola, and a "new" custom rail Bi-level auto rack too, my LHS auction winnings. I also won a book published by Santa Fe, called Plans for model railroaders. Very cool!


Started in on some backdrop painting. After putting it off for 2+ years afraid that I couldn't do it, I just started painting. Tomorrow I will cover these mountains with a "haze" before painting the foreground mountains.



Lazy Daydreamer
Lotsa great stuff on here as I've come to expect!

Wolfgang - the figures in that swim scene look so real, I'd almost be afraid to have my wife be looking over my shoulder while I'm viewing! ;)

JohnT - interesting MOW train you've got there!

Aggro - superior work on those hoods! I'm saving the photos for reference, I have a few dozen of those on my layout that need "the treatment".

MLW - always enjoy seeing your trackside views of downtown Montreal - it's sort of like a "virtual" weekend drive to the city" for me!

TomPM - Nice roll-by view of that LNE local!

Steve - great weathering job on that wheel loader!

Smoke - the Tuxedo CW44AC is movin' right along, can't wait to see when it's fully-dressed!

Josh - great to see you "back in business", wish I could do as many at one time as you seem to do...

Brent - great to see your layout on here again! Backdrop's looking good, I need to get working on mine.
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Lazy Daydreamer
Ooops I almost forgot...

...I have something of my own to share this weekend.

Finally finished the repaint of an Atlas c40-8 into the CSXT "bright future" scheme (it came from the factory in the "strealth" gray scheme). A little waethering covers a multitude of paint goofs <LOL>. I only have time to post one pic because I need to get ready for sunday Mass, will add a few more when I get back.


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