Weekend Photo Fun 11-18-05

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I might as well get the fun started for the weekend. I will get it going with a couple of installation pictures of my new Tsunami Decoder in my Bachman 2-8-0.

2-8-0 tender ready to have the Tsunami installed


Decoder and 28x40mm speaker installed. Forgive the wiring mess, but I wanted to keep the leads long on this first one. Also, I always keep my spares rolled back. I did have to remove one plate from the weight to allow the depth of the speaker. Other than that things went very well.



Fun Lover
I may be a little dense, but I'm not sure what I am seeing. You pulled the old decoder and board. It looks like you added another decoder wired into the tender plug. Then you attatched the Tsunami decoder between the new decoder and the plug. But that doesn't look like that either.

You have some splaining to do Rexy.

(How's it sound?)


Master Mechanic
Couldn't tell from the pictures but how does the tender stay on its frame with the anchoring screw removed? Is the friction from the plug and the tabs at the rear of the tender good enough to hold it down?


Morning guys! Oh, so sorry!

Chip, I should have explained what the dark thingy was between the decoder and the plug. I wish that I could tell you something really exotic, but it's just a piece of flat shrink tubing to help hold the wires out of the way.

Not knowing what was going to happen or what I may have to do, I left the decoder leads longer than needed for this first installation. Also and if room, I always fold back my unused leads. You never know when you may need them for a different installation or an add-on.

To allow for the 28x40 speaker and decoder, I removed the post used for the light board and the center post that holds the tender box down. I took a cut-to-size piece of styrene and covered the space at the front end of the coal bin to close it off. Then cut the hole to size and installed speaker by tacking it down with CA at the corners.

If you used a 1" speaker for this loco tender, the only thing you would have to remove would be the light board and make the hole for it in the coal bin.

Carey, I had to remove one plate of weight to allow for the speaker depth. With this done the top will go all the way down, but needs to be secured with screws. I think you mentioned that I could take some tubing, glue to the inside corners, drill a couple corner holes, and use some screws up from the bottom. I will probably do that this weekend.

Fellows this decoder is the Cat's Meow. There are so many CV's that are used, it will take me a while to read through all of them. FYI: Now, Soundtraxx has the manuals for downloading at there site .

grande man

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hyrail5 said:
I'm actually gonna jump in early this time....

I caught an SP freight heading through Boston Harbor on my layout lead by SP 8328, DRGW 5378, SSW 8326 and SP 4414. :D

Very Nice! 5378, I don't see any UP patch. :cool:


Saskatoon railfan
Railphotog said:
Morning lineup at the roundhouse:

That's one nice CN fleet. Whiule I prefer the striped paint, that still looks fantastic.

Myself, don't have time to go to the bacement this week, too much schoolwork to do.


BobB: Very nice stable. I really like the weathering around the site and particularly on the bridge. Do you have a closer photo of the turntable bridge?

Eric: Very nice photo shot. Didn't you take that in Colorado? :rolleyes:

Brian: Wow! Your layout looks so real!:rolleyes: :D
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Railroad Photographer
RexHea said:
BobB: Very nice stable. I really like the weathering around the site and particularly on the bridge. Do you have a closer photo of the turntable bridge?

The sun was streaming into my photo room, and I was taking advantage of it by shooting some more photos on my original modules. Here's one I took just a few moments ago:


The turntable is a Heljan model that I installed about 21 years ago on the modules. The CN plow is scratchbuilt.

Like the striped CN models? I've got a bunch of them too:


Using the older scheme models today to go along with shots of my Climax and Shay.

Steve B

Fantastic shots guys,
Grande that switcher shots great
Bob that roundhouse shot full of warmth, just like a hot sunny day, it reminds me of working on the heritage (1ft scale) railroad in summer where i live.


Lazy Daydreamer
Rex - I see that your main thrust this weekend was with what is meant to be heard, not seen!:p:D

Brian, nice work with the backdrop on that SP photo!

GM, that's a great shot of your SW on the bridge. I've yet to figure out how to get the cab-mounted headlight in my P2K unit to shine, I guess putting in a decoder would be a good starting point.

Russian said:
Myself, don't have time to go to the basement this week, too much schoolwork to do.
Roman, sounds like you've set your priorities wisely!

Bob B., I see you shared some of your own work, my favorite is the sunlit view of the round house. [Then again, when was any of your photography EVER NOT top notch...?]

Well there wasn't much time that I could call "my own" this weekend, but on Saturday I managed to sneak out to a real lumber yard [e.g. NOT Home Depot] and pick up four 8x4 sheets of light blue extruded foam insulation. Then this afternoon, I sliced two of them lengthwise and propped them vertically for use as view blockers. I know I'll eventually have to paint them, but I love how the blue resembles open sky with zero effort - at least on the un-labeled side. The remaining two sheets were left intact; I drilled a few holes in them and hung them over the cluttered shelves. Again, not perfect but a big improvement over the exposed shelves!

The first image shows the isolated 'rural' main line. (The sun was shining directly in at one spot, there wasn't much I could do about that.)
Second view is what's on the other side of the viewblocker in image #1 - the coal mine tracks.
Image #3: What to do about those ugly cluttered shelves in the background? Now you see them...
Image #4: ...and now you DON'T!:D
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CSX_road_slug said:
Roman, sounds like you've set your priorities wisely!
I'm curently on campus acessing this form a computer lab. Then again I'm on a break to improve efficency!:p

Railphotog, that collection is amazing! I think you have every CN diesel there's in HO!

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Thanks for the comments on the SW guys.

Ken, Your progress is looking good. It's amazing what a backdrop can do isn't it? I forget, what size is your RR going to be? It looks like a pretty good size layout.

Bob, Neat pics. I like the locos in CN paint.

Steve, I know your just starting the cleanup, but I look forward to your pics down the road. I'll miss your Joint Line photos.:(

Rex, LGM and I are waaaay overdue for a trip to Colorado. I remember it well, but he's never seen the West. That needs to change.

L&N Castle

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Hey Rex. The install looks good,and I bet it sounds great.But,I do have one question,if the Tsunami is the cat's meow,uh,where's the cat? Sorry,I couldn't resist. By the way,enjoyed the pictures of the waterfall and all.That looks awsome.Here's hoping you have a great Thanksgiving Rex.William.

L&N Castle

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CJ. Do you have any thoughts on how to fit the Tsunami sound system in say,a Proto GP or SD? I am thinking it would take some machineing on the frame and weight wouldn't it?

grande man

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L&N, hum, I knew you was from around these parts.

Hey William. Glad to see you on the forum!

GMan, er, uh, Eric :D

L&N Castle

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New to the Forum

Hey Grande Man. Thanks for welcoming me aboard. I think I am going to like it here. I hope to get some new ideas for my railroad from you guys.:) William.


Diesel Detail Freak
Well I didn't get to do my airbrush weathering, I was to busy finding truck modeling links, I was trying to fond a resource for 45' trailers, I have a few, that I was going to sell, but now I'm just going to repaint.

Got me to detail my Atlas Ford LT9000:
View attachment 2132 View attachment 2133 View attachment 2134
Wee bit more to go, like the hood latches, and the door handles, roof marker lights, blinkers. Then to order mirrors from Tyl's Small Scale Truck Sales, and a plate, thats located behind the hitch, I think its called a hitchplate, tail lights, and a "headache rack" which is where the chains would be stored, and such...

(not that I can even find that stupid kick plate again!)
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