WEEKEND Photo fun 08, 09, 10th Dec

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Steve B

built the middle section of the layout and set the industries out, i like how it's gone together so i'm going to do the trackwork proper now. i'm going against the grain and fastening the track direct to the wood as i'm going for the overgrown underballasted look

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grande man

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Looks great Steve, make sure of end buffers at the end of those tracks!!


Naw, leave them alone, Steve. Next month we'll do "best locomotive mishap" as a contest theme... :D:D:D

On a serious note, it's looking good! :cool:

Steve B

Well i got the track laid and the bumping post's fitted, still loads to do though but we are on the winning side of the line now



grove den

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Steve BThat's progress!! :eek:
This part of your layout looks bigger/vaster than the constructionpictures you showed last week...:)
( Heck, that vaccination:mad: )



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Nice Steve, are you using Peco turnouts? power routing? Is that board just soft like homasote,pinex, poster board, you've just pinned the track down?, I use the same makes changes really easy.


Steve B

Yep, i made it longer and wider, i added 7 inches to the width and 40 inches to the length, that's about as big as possible without having to slither along sideways to get in

Ken yes the points are Peco insulfrog, i'm happy useing them instead of the electrofrog type. the board is 9mm MDF, it's easy to work with and the pin's hold rock solid. I didn't put any roadbed down as i want to have the track almost level with the surrounding ground, it will look very wild and overgrown (in time)
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looking good steve

Looking really good Steve. I like the track plan plenty of track but enough room around.

Ive spent a couple of hours painting the track work I did during the week, I've realised my outdoor ballasting techniques are not going to cut it indoors, Like Steve I'm Trying to get an ower grown look, Because I'm using OO track for On30 I dont want the ties to stand out, I,ve been experimenting and so far lost the ties with filler and have been applying a few different colours.
Any advice for grass, Im not looking for lush green fields amongst the dirt track but guess I need some weeds ??

RJR Branch Line


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Here's my projects for the WEEKend. I emphasize week, because I have Monday off.

Mack Model U mixer, recently high gloss coated, now to be weathered slightly. I'm going to add crusty cement, and some dust/dirt around the wheels, but make it look like they clean the truck, thus the gloss.
View attachment 4933

Here's the paint collection for a weathering project. You'll see more next weekend.
View attachment 4934


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Then Friday nite I went to Wally world and got these 2 cats
View attachment 4935

and then late Friday nite I finished my work on these pipe loads...I think I need to weather them?

View attachment 4936

and lastly I finished converting my plastic wheels to metal wheels on my slug and also added some weight...
View attachment 4937
View attachment 4938

not bad for this weekend...
gonna convert some more of my rolling stock to metal wheels and kadee em tomorrow....errr today....its Sunday already here! :D


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
:D LOL... I dunno I think I did all right...I arrived late at the show and missed out on the good stuff from seeing other fellow MRR. At least the rolling stock I got came with kadee and 4 of them metal wheel sets.:) Also 3 of them came with loads...not bad I guess for 34 bucks. (6 cars and an o'l magazine)

I did see a real nice custom GP30 B unit but it no metal wheels and of course he wanted a 100 bucks. I have seen this same loco for the last 3 years and he hasnt sold it yet. LOL maybe I will buy it next year:rolleyes:

Anyways I bought some proto wheels last weekend so I gotta convert 18 cars today and kadee em!

Next will be to convert my last "dummy" unit to Athearn metal wheel sets on my WC SD45 and add a little weight.

I triy to mix up my backshop work! ;)


Running the MC & Buffalo
Looks like everyone had a busy weekend , Everytime I go to my wallys they never have the Cats., All I was doing was ebaying this weekend selling stuff and picking up some neat rolling stock. Will post when I receive them !!

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