weekend photo fun 07-21-2006

Steve B

Give it your best shot Folk's,,,,

Here's my little job to keep the kid's happy during the half term school holiday
the base is 3/4 waterproof chipboard with 2x2" battens to give it some ridgidity, the track is a mixture of Hornby (curves) and Peco flextrack, it only took a couple of evenings to do, the next job is a backdrop made from 3/16" masonite painted blue, as long as the kid's are happy, i'm happy


I just did a tiny bit of railfanning, and mostly it was fun! Got two pics with a mini tripod, and they turned out good for the 15 seconds the shutter was open.





Now what's next? Getting the backdrop and scenery in the last three pictures up to par for photographs....
Every time it rains or is cloudy the Col/San area here in Bucyrus /(Oh) seems to be the busiest..So without further ado here's the proof.I also saw 2 other NS trains but,could not take a picture due to rain..
Great pic's everyone, one for GM there Brakie.
What a problem it is getting the children out of the garage, they are living in there and the moment, Robert did come out once to let this little itty bitty spider go he found
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Steve, from the looks on your boys faces... you did good wont be long thou theyll be beggin for somethin bigger, more complex... haha
It's a long weekend this week as i'm off work for a week, here's some more progress on the childrens railway, the backdrop's done, they wanted a volcano so they got one:eek: ,

and a close up of Matthews new train, it's a French SNCF thingy me bob:confused:
Steve: Well done and in record time and to think Rome wasn't built in 7 days and only because the Romans didn't have Steve!

Trainboy: Kudos also go to you as you've a wonderful job on your layout as well.