Weekend Photo fun 03/31 - 04/02

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Not all that much to report from rainy Wisconsin. Work is progressing on the Ablemann diorama.

Here CNW 822, a GP-30 leads CNW 1755, a Geep 9 into the siding with a string of empties for loading. It's easy to see why the quarry is known for it's "Pink Lady" ballast.
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More progress shots to follow.


Steve B

Johnny DITO
that is a great scene you have there

here's one i took a few years ago at a MR show in the UK, the layout has since been changed around some
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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Johnny, that quarry is fantastic! Steve, I always enjoy your photos.

Been a busy week on the SL,O,&W. Finally got the new room completed and had the heater installed. Sure is nice to be able to work down there without wearing a coat! The pasture is in place and Some Holsteins have shown up to add to the little brown spots of fertilizer that come with the Silflor Mats. I would like to find HO Scale Guernseys, but so far I have drawn a blank. And, the main building at Thompson's Tiles has some of the roofs installed and should be finished by next week.
Nice pics everyone.

Train1, led by Rio Grande F9 5774, heads south on the Joint Line on a sunny day just outside of Sedalia, Colorado.
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grande man

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Hi all. Here's a Stewart F3 we recently won on ebay for $23! It was practically NIB. It has the Kato drive, runs great, and now sports a Digitrax chip. :cool: All it needs is a Cal Scale detail kit and we'll be set.

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Great pictures everybody. Heres a couple of my
Conrail Fleet at the yard in Big Knob, waiting
for their orders and which caboose they'll get



1-Atlas, 2-Athearn RTR, 3-P2K, 2-Spectrum's, 4-Kato's, 2-Model Power, 4-Athearn BB
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Good evening crew,

Lots of activity this weekend, looks like!

Steve - fine looking pair of CF7's you got there! Are they Athearns?

Fritz - mighty nice selection of Conrail power

Ray - I can imagine your excitement at finally having a climate-controlled environment to operate in, I had my moment a year ago when I finally installed the new heat pump & attic insulation in my garage. Nice looking backdrops too BTW...

GM - congrats on the good F3 deal, can't wait till I can start casually buying more locos. First I need to fix-up the ones I currently have, incl. decoders...

LGM - I really like your lashup of covered wagons, reminds me of what I occasionally saw on the B&O 'back in the day' :cool: ...

This is what I managed to scrape out on my own layout: a slag pit. On the prototype, they don't have heavy equipment sitting at the bottom of the slope when they're pouring out the hot liquid slag, I just parked the thimble cars there for context. The 'slag' still needs work, I also need to visit the LHS for some coarse lt. green foilage (this isn't a putting green after all...)


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Well, I finally got around to shaping the other side of Rock Ridge Canyon Wall--as well as the rest of the foam on the layout. Mostly I worked on the basement and painted rocks.

I had a rude discovery today. I took out some built in shelves and discovered a concrete pillar--right where I had planned to put my layout. It is really screwing with my head. I finally get the place laid out and and now nothing seems to work. Oh well, back to the drawing board.





Steve B

Ken L the CF7's are not mine, they were ata show a few years ago, the slag pit is looking great
Chip that's a bummer with the pillar, i just found a steal beam in a wall i wanted to cut through.
Ken L this is another shot of the same persons layout

and this is the re built version of it

same CF7's re painted

and one just for you Nautical and millitary folks
This was ALL scratch built, it's a WW2 dock scene with USRA steam loco's mostley 0-6-0's


Fun Lover

I like the detail in the front of the photo.

Big and little Grande,

Nice addition to your layout.


Great Slaggin Pit.


Conrail would be my second choice at the club. I keep looking at all the blue and wishing. So far, I've stuck with the B&P.


A dedicated layout room sounds really good about now.


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:eek: Oooops....! I meant to include a previous comment about how nice your pink lady mine looks, Johnny :eek: - sorry about that!

Steve - I guess I need to actually slow down and read the captions, eh? In any event, that guy's layout is a real masterpiece - especially the WWII landing craft dock scene.

Chip - condolences about the pole:( , hope this doesn't force you to cut apart any of your existing 4x8. Maybe if you post a diagram of the planned trainroom in its entirety [including the location of the pole], some of us can help you figure out a 'Plan B'?
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Very nice work, everyone!

I was able to finish up my DD35 & AC6000 projects, but I still need to start on my SD45 Rio Grande project. The other two took longer than I planned for, but then again, what model railroad project doesn't?!



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Beautiful Work EVERYONE!!!!All the shots are incredible. There are some very clever modeling techniques being applied here.

Awesome!! Totally Awesome!!!!-Spiccoli, F.T.A.R.H.



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Great pics eveyone, truely inspiring!! I love every minute of my weekend log-ons because of this weekly tradition!

P.S. Chip, that pilar just sounds like another reason to add a hill and a bend to me! But then again, I don't know where its located or anything.


Wow! Thanks again everyone for some very good posts. It sure is fun to see everyone's "pride and joy" along with their layout progress. One welcomed side effect is this thread always stirs my enthusiasm and keeps me going forward.


Fun Lover
Thanks concerned citizens.

I will solve the crisis of the cinder block pillar. Any cut in the 5 x8, will mean death and destruction for the layout. There is another pole in the center of the room that is also a limiting factor. The worst that would happen is that I move the layout up against the pole. This will mean that either the view my yet-unbuilt center piece 42" tressle bridge will be impeaded or the scratch-bashed mine will be blocked from view a little.

scratch-bashed. What do you call it when you take a craftsman kit and follow the plans, but instead of using the wood and sheet metal they give you, you cut it to size using styrene?

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